White Christmas and a Cat

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Yes, we had a gloriously White Christmas which is a rare spectacle in East Tennessee but some have wondered if our Russian Blue cat, Gunther, descended from more northern latitude felines, liked it. As he’s indoors only, he was denied the chance to frolic in the snow but we did capture one unusual reaction from the cat who notices all …

Panoramic Mary Mother of Priests Tribute Garden

Fiery Sun on a Frosty Morning

A Handmaid News, Priests Garden

We welcomed December with our first ‘snowfall’ of the year and captured some of these views from the Mary, Mother of Priests Tribute Garden. The stations may have been coated with snow and ice and the names of the priests looking white and frosty, but the rising sun turned it all into a dazzling spectacle of joy. Prayers are like …

A Beautiful First Day of Spring Thanks to the Snow!

Snow In Spring!

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We had a blessed first day of Spring this year with the gift of SNOW! A wet inch, yes, just 1 inch, fell overnight to inspire us with a morning surprise to hail the first official day of Spring, March 21st. Owing to the steep terrain of our property, just a few minutes walk down the road showed us marvelous …

Frost Flowers in East Tennessee

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Frost Flowers? Frost itself may seem an odd term to think about in the South but it does get cold sometimes. Earlier this year, when we reached single digit temperatures we realized it was indeed winter. But as we share this post, the forecast for next week (though just past mid February) is calling for a high of 77 deg …

Up close look at a dusting of "diamonds" on the outside railing.

Brrrrrr! It’s COLD outside!

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For our Sisters who have spent any significant time in our priories we used to have in Vermont and Illinois, where winters are harsh and long, East Tennessee is a veritable paradise climatologically. While we do hear words like global warming now and again, it has been far from our thermometers this year when extreme cold hit the eastern part …

Callaway Ridge

The First Snows in New Market

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If its winter, then we must expect snow…even in Tennessee. Now that our new location has us further north in East Tennessee and higher up in altitude, we prepared ourselves for the season as best we could realizing that no amount of shoveling and de-icing would make our property accessible if the county road leading up to our ridge top …