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For many under a variety of COVID-19 necessitated curfew, shelter in place, lock down, stay at home, or safer at home directives during the pandemic, it is doubly difficult adapting to unprecedented ways of doing things from home while your spiritual nourishment is also impacted. The lack of public Mass anywhere and, in some places, the complete closure of Churches …

Wish Lists and General Food/Kitchen supplies UPDATED

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WISH LIST UPDATED AS OF MARCH 28TH, 2020 UPDATE: In the interest of safety, any in-person deliveries will need to be pre-coordinated so that a Sister or representative for the community can meet deliveries outside the enclosure at a set time. In addition, we not only again echo Saint Paul’s admonition ‘not to impoverish’, we add the admonition to all our …

Russian Blue Cat on Ottoman

Cat of the Day

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Victor Gunther basks in glory after presenting his second trophy to Rev. Mother just after the rising bell. The score is now: Gunther 2 Mice 0.

Blue Marian Monstrance

Host of the Day: Thank you Mary for saying Yes!

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A favorite monstrance we have not only shows us Jesus as the Heavenly Bread made food for the journey but also, in the stem itself, the Woman whose “Fiat!” made that possible. Thank you Mary, Our Mother, for saying, “Yes!” so that Jesus could be the one to bring us back to the Father. In these trying and frightening times …

Host of the Day

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Host of the Day, as seen in one of our Oratories. cf. John 9:35-37 from Laetare Sunday Gospel The Gospel where the man born blind is healed by Jesus, not following social distancing, is a beautiful thought. Because it is God who seeks to be nearer to us. God Incarnate seeks out the healed man asking if he believed in …

During COVID-19: We are praying for you…and in your place!

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As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to impact America in earnest, know that we are keeping everyone, everyone in the world, in prayer, particularly those sick and those striving to care for them. Most especially we pray for those most vulnerable who may have no one to care for them. We remain, as all contemplatives do, at the heart of the …

Reflection: Fire in the Garden?

Scott Maentz Priests Garden

If you glance at this photo, you might do a double take and wonder what’s on fire in the Mary Mother of Priests Tribute Garden. Or what’s wrong with the camera. The answer is nothing. What you are seeing is the distorted reflection of the sunset on a white metal panel on the southern side of the garden. It isn’t …

Tennessee Knights of Columbus Men of the Hour

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Old tales are full of stories of people being rescued by knights in shining armor, but this year, Tennessee Knights of Columbus are learning to do this rescuing on their knees. We often associate Knights of Columbus with what they do, what actions they take, what services they tangibly provide. But the Men of the Hour are adding something deeper to …

Twas the Night Before Christmas Again

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Last year around this time we enjoyed some more visits of our best friends in the insect-eating world, little brown bats. Only they insisted on coming inside the monastery and enjoying the high ceilings and low tables of the refectory making breakfast somewhat exciting. In honor of that event, we published a little poem based on “Twas the Night Before …