The Right Hand that Blesses has a Nail in it.

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A reflection for priests: Father, you’ve got a nail in your hand. right there. Between the radius and the ulna bones below the wrist. That nail is capable of bearing the weight of a body hanging in crucifixion. Grab onto that nail, Father. Never quit. Never let go of it. That nail, painful as it is, conforms you to The …

Running of the Rose 2019

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We are grateful once again to the Knights of Columbus for enabling us to participate in the Silver Rose pilgrimage. Knights Dennis Knauss and Bud Noe delivered the Rose from Notre Dame parish in Greenville for an overnight stay at our Monastery. The entire community had a special holy hour Sunday evening and look forward to the hours of prayer …

Derecho Storm

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Like many folks along and anywhere near the 1000+ mile path of the recent derecho, we experienced an abundance of downed trees, power outages, downed lines etc. We want to thank God, first of all, that no one at Cor Jesu was injured or no structures were heavily damaged. Great thanks to the response of the Jefferson Country road crews …

Joining the Faithful Around the World in Adoration

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In preparation for the International Eucharistic Congress in 2020 in Budapest, we will be joining thousands of people around the world who will be adoring Our Eucharistic Lord on the Vigil of the Solemnity of Corpus Christi. Learn more about the IEC here and view the video below where Bishop Richard Stika and Cardinal Justin Rigali discuss it. Cardinal Rigali …

Ordination of Father Michal Los, FDP

Requiescat In Pace: Sacerdos In Aeternum

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Rest in peace, Father Michał Łos, FDP Professed May 23rd, 2019 Ordained May 24th, 2019 Died June 17th, 2019 24 days a priest here on earth…but a priest forever! We share our reflection below on his inspiring ordination to the priesthood on his deathbed. Now that he has returned, like another Polish priest of note, “to the House of the Father” …

Sacred Silence With The Trinity

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Sacred silence. A great settling enfolds the monastery. Cell doors close. Offices are dark. Computers are off. Phones are silent. Compline has rounded out the monastic day and nocturnal adoration begins. It’s extraordinarily intimate as one by one in each house a nun takes a private hour of adoration in the oratory. Close to the altar, kneeling before the monstrance, …

Easter Guarantees

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Paschal tide is the season to relish the victory of Life over death, Good over evil, sanctity over sinfulness. Easter does not remove suffering and pain, but it does give all of it meaning. At the beginning of Holy Week the world watched Notre Dame burn as people prayed and sang hymns in the street. Suddenly, something taken for granted …

CAPTION CONTEST or How the Squirrel Ate A Monastery

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The photo above of one of our many squirrels is begging for a caption contest. As we alerted our friends and benefactors when we shared the photo of this animal’s handiwork, we anticipated an upcoming caption contest should we capture any miscreants on camera. Through the assistance of a generous Knight of Columbus, we found ourselves quickly in possession of …

Pray for Priests This Lent

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This Lent the Knights of Columbus of Tennessee are praying a special Novena for their priests as they actively seek ways to support and assist their shepherds. We hope you will consider joining us in praying for our priests. Have a blessed Lent! Download the PDF here: Lenten Novena for Priests – English or Lenten Novena for Priests – Spanish

Bearing an Undeserved Burden

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  [Originally published September 2018] When we upgraded our website a few years ago, a photo was purchased for our use of a man with his head bowed and knuckles in his eyes and we added the caption: Our Priests Carry Not Only The Full Weight of Our Burdens But Their Own As Well. Today, in these days of renewed …

Litany for Healing in Times of Scandal and Abuse

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During the Abuse Summit, as we prayed and fasted for all those gathered in Rome with the Holy Father from Feb 21st to 24th, we developed a short Litany for Healing. As our charism is to offer our lives to Christ for the sanctification of his priests, we understand that our prayers extend to all those impacted by the actions …