Let It Snow!

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Winter Snow Storm “Izzy” caused a great deal of havoc across the country from the midwest to the south and east coast. We’ve kept everyone in our prayers. Our location in the Tennessee River Valley shielded us from much of the snowfall. We share just a few photos and (maybe) video clips of falling snow. Depending on exactly where you …

Catching Up On Christmas: Oh Christmas Tree!

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  It may be Ordinary Time again, but our creches are still up and will remain until February 2nd, though our Christmas trees are getting undecorated and packed away again. Given that we live in three separate buildings on the property, it should surprise no one that we have more than one Christmas tree. In fact, if you count the …

Here Comes Decorating!

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Other than some light choir practices the Christmas hymns don’t get underway until Our Lord arrives. And it’s unlikely you will hear “Here Comes Santa Claus!” echoing through our halls. But as the final week of Advent rushes to what the world has been waiting for we can be seen decorating our little corners here and there. We keep the …

It’s Beginning To Look Like Cleaning

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It is still Advent though Christmas looms. Pre-decorating cleaning has begun, though not easy with a 25 foot ceiling. Poinsettias are waiting for placement, boxes are out of storage, as well as step stools, ladders, and grabbers. While there is the wrapping of gifts for the community and all the needed preparations for the coming celebration that would be recognized in …

Recent Storms

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Thanks to all who checked in on our safety during the tornado outbreak. We were not in the danger zone. One tree down.

Gaudete! He is Coming!

A Handmaid News, Priests Garden

Rejoice! It’s Gaudete Sunday! We enter the third week of Advent lighting the rose colored candles and renewing our thanksgiving for the Incarnation. He is coming. He is coming to save us. He is coming to be one of us. This gives us all hope and joy, but not for the secular trappings of the coming holidays. It’s not about …

Our Next Priest Chalkboard Diocese

A Handmaid Priests

December 7th, 2021 marks the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, HI that brought the U.S. into WWII. Once again, this brings to mind the troops that have served and still serve our nation. Throughout our country’s history, Catholic priests have served our military personnel, often serving alongside them and sharing their life and hardships. We have been …

Gertrude Marks Her First Anniversary

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Gertrude (alias Sunbeam in cartoon-land) arrived at Cor Jesu Monastery on November 11th, 2020. We are happy to report she’s grown into her squirrel deterrence duties, despite our losing the battle of the wooden steps. She loves being outside, rolling in the gravel, and offering her belly for pets. She also loves sitting in the woods quietly on a log …

It’s Time To Retreat

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It’s that time of year again: our annual Mary/Martha retreat. Half of the community works while the other half retreats, then we have a break day, and then we swap; with the Marys becoming the Marthas, so to speak. From November 20th through December 7th, we will be in retreat, praying in deeper solitude and silence. Prayer requests will continue …

Severals nights a week, each Handmaid enjoys Nocturnal Adoration.

Prayers for our Bishops meeting this week

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The USCCB is meeting this week in Baltimore. Please join us as we pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit on our bishops’ gathering. May their prayers and sacrifices, and ours for them, bear much good fruit throughout the Catholic Church in America.