Morning Rainbow in the Priests Garden

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We had a delightful surprise one cool and rainy Sunday morning recently. A morning rainbow unexpectedly appeared and its beautiful double bow ended in the Mary Mother of Priests Garden. For Sisters out catching a quick walk or outdoor rosary, it was a thrill and a treat. Sometimes it pays to pray in the rain!

Archive Treasures: Creche from 2006

A Handmaid Diamond Jubilee, News

When it comes to Christmas, every nook and cranny can be filled with holiday decor that might be packed up come Ordinary Time but the creches can stay up through February 2nd. This late December photo from 2006 was taken at the Heart of Mary Priory in Lake Villa, IL. Sister Rose Anne stands next to a crib display by …

Gertrude’s Christmas Wardrobe – ribbons, for a moment

A Handmaid News

Gertrude, not to be outdone by Gunther’s little green bowtie, did tolerate a bit of Christmas color for a short photo shoot session. A dashing, yet feminine, red bow assembly with a flower, was (after some treat bribery) quite something against her diluted tortoiseshell coat of grayish brown. She even provided some reasonable poses before opting to remove said bow …

What Do You Get Cats For Christmas?

A Handmaid News

We can laugh about the gifts the cats are sometimes sent and in this cartoon we poke fun that Shadow and Sunbeam (a.k.a. Gunther and Gertrude) are disappointed with practical presents found under the tree. Us nuns are thrilled with such items while the cats may be sniffing around for catnip and other edibles.  An interesting fact about Gunther is …

Another Christmas Cat Laugh

A Handmaid Cartoons, News

Humor can extend Christmas too. And animals as well. This is a cartoon many cat owners might sympathize with, though in full disclosure, we must admit Gunther has never climbed the Christmas tree. [It took him over a year to even touch his cat tree. Russian Blues are notorious about disliking change.] But he does like to be the present …

Archive Treasures: Christmas in Capena, Italy

A Handmaid Diamond Jubilee, News

We share this little post as part of our continuing Christmas spirit so people not living in monasteries and who might be suffering Christmas withdrawal due to the world declaring the Incarnation “over” on December 26th can linger in thanksgiving a little longer. We keep our creches up until the Feast of the Presentation, February 2nd even though Ordinary Time …

Gunther’s Christmas Wardrobe – the bowtie

A Handmaid News

We know our cats are popular with those who frequent our website or social media venues. In the cartoon world they have nom de plumes (Shadow and Sunbeam) but we call them by their real names (Gunther and Gertrude). Fans, both feline and human, have sent the cats notes, gifts, as well as well wishes and prayers. Regarding Gunther: his …

Archive Treasures: The Little White Church

A Handmaid Diamond Jubilee, News

For many years at our Heart of Mary Priory in Lake Villa, IL the foyer was graced by a little handmade miniature southwest style adobe mission church. Built by a talented friend and benefactor it was used as a donation box next to the votive candle stands. Delightful in its details, the stucco was uneven, bells hung atop the roof …