Pope Francis Goes to Iraq

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We live in historic and unprecedented times where each month, it seems, events transpire which have never happened before. Already our Holy Father has been a catalyst for these occasions such as that unforgettable March last year when he stood before an empty Saint Peter’s square and gave Benediction (and hope) to a suffering world.  Now, for the first time, …

Snowflakes, sleds, and hope springs eternal

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A sudden, but sticking, snow flurry gave us a moment for a sled photo op to say thanks to a dear benefactor for his gift of a real sled after viewing images of our improvised cardboard ‘sled’ at Christmas. In East Tennessee, at least in our part, snow enough for sledding may not be common but our gratitude for both …

The White Garden

A Handmaid News, Priests Garden

As it’s not too likely we’ll soon experience the amount of snow we enjoyed during our White Christmas, we thought we could share some of the views from the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden when it was covered wonderfully in snow that day.

White Christmas and a Cat

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Yes, we had a gloriously White Christmas which is a rare spectacle in East Tennessee but some have wondered if our Russian Blue cat, Gunther, descended from more northern latitude felines, liked it. As he’s indoors only, he was denied the chance to frolic in the snow but we did capture one unusual reaction from the cat who notices all …

Gunther Strikes Again!

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Just when we were thinking Gunther was set in his indoor ‘therapy cat’ occupation of sleeping, playing, and eating he abandoned his favorite chair sometime in the morning, likely while we were at Mass perhaps, and brought a small rodent to its demise. Later, politely waiting until Rev. Mother had had collation (monastery language for something like a coffee break) …

A Typical Monastery Christmas

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COVID-19 can’t kill Christmas 2020 COVID-19 may have radically changed 2020 but it can’t really touch what we celebrate at Christmas, or rather WHO we celebrate at Christmas. Certainly the “how” has been modified for many. So let’s remember Jesus as we share what it’s like as a typical monastery Christmas approaches. We have told you some of these customs …

Christmas Star

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Yes! You bet we saw the Christmas “Star”! Or rather, the beautiful conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st. Here we share a few shots.  It was such a treat and one we get to enjoy for some time as the planets move farther apart from our perspective. More importantly, this astronomic delight only whets our appetite for the …