Happy Nuns, Melting Snow, and Fleeting Grace

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A priest’s gift so nuns even in Tennessee can enjoy the winter when it does show up

Though Spring is here, we want to share some of winter’s last hurrahs in mid March at Cor Jesu Monastery. The day after we had enjoyed 72 degree weather, we had a winter storm and over 4 inches of snow, a rare occurrence. And unlike last year, thanks to a generous priest, we had a sled! No cardboard for us this time!

We are delighted to report that conditions were FUN, however cold, and several runs down the hill were made. See the instagram link below for the video. We recommend sound ON to hear what cloistered sledding sounds like.

It would have been very easy to not sled. Procrastinate. It was only in the teens temperature wise. Next year…maybe. There were lots of sensible reasons not to take advantage of the moment. You have to get the sled out of storage. You have to climb the hill. It may not work…etc. What’s the use?

Looking back up the hill on which the Mary Mother of Priests Garden is located

But melting snow is like grace. If not received and used in that moment, it’s gone. Don’t let the rest of Lent slip away like fast melting snow. Find the grace in each moment in gratitude and keep going. Look forward to the shouts of JOY at Easter!

Happy nun