Diamond Dust

A HandmaidNews

The most intense diamond dust display we have ever witnessed greeted us during our period of being snowed in. What a gift from God!

We had another treat due to the snow storm and subsequent extreme cold temperatures (for East Tennessee) when Diamond Dust appeared. While it can be explained scientifically (see NOAA for a strict definition) it is altogether something else when one experiences it for the first time. It is breathtakingly delightful and serves as an ever-present reminder of our God of Beauty always at work in nature. He is just waiting for us to notice the constant wonder all around us. Sometimes he sends this optical glitter of the skies to remind us to keep our eyes and hearts open in gratitude. 

Here’s a short clip of what it looks like in motion: https://youtube.com/shorts/40dJhTrNSnc?feature=share