The Silence and Emptiness without Jesus truly present in the Blessed Sacrament

They Have Taken Our Lord

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YES, THEY HAVE TAKEN OUR LORD… Sometimes well meaning Catholics tell us they are envious of our monastic lifestyle. Usually it is because they misunderstand the level of spiritual combat it entails daily. But when we hear of “holy envy” regarding our experience of Holy Week and the Triduum, it might be justified, but not in the way they expect. …

The Beauties of the Year of Mercy Continue

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The Jubilee Year of Mercy has concluded and, as Pope Francis and many others have reminded us, the Year may be over but Mercy endures forever. One item we treasured in our celebration of the Year of Mercy was the daily communal recitation of Pope Francis’ Jubilee Prayer for Mercy. We hope to be able to incorporate it into our …

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Prayers for Deceased Priest

We welcome submissions of the name of any deceased priest to include in our prayers. To whom much is given, much will be demanded so all priest souls need our prayers. Simply fill out what information you can below to send us their names. Other ways you can help prayerfully support priests and seminarians:   

Priest Chalkboard In Our refectory

Our Priest Chalkboard

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HOW DID THE PRIEST CHALKBOARD START? People sometimes wonder how the Handmaids came to start writing specific priests’ names on our chalkboard in our refectory. They want to know if these are special priests, or priests in trouble, or particularly great priests. They want to know why certain names appear and when. Well, we do one Diocese at a time. …

Moving On To Nashville

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What?! The Handmaids are moving to Nashville? No. Moving the Motherhouse twice was enough excitement for centuries and we aren’t finished yet settling here in the Diocese of Knoxville. What we mean by ‘moving on to Nashville’ is that our practice of placing priests’ names on our refectory chalkboard each week, now that we have gone through the roster of …

Elevation of the Host at Mass

Dear Fathers, Did You Know?

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“Dear Fathers, did you know?…” [We are happy to republish this post from the later portion of the Jubilee Year for Priests when our Oblates of the Precious Blood shared details of what they were offering for priests. May this continue to provide encouragement and inspiration for all our beloved priests.] We address this page to our dear priests who …

Priests’ Names on our Refectory Chalkboard

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We recently started a tradition where we write the names of four priests each week on the chalkboard hung on the wall of our refectory. While we pray for all priests daily, these four are remembered in a special way in that we see their names frequently throughout the week. Each time we see their names we say a prayer …

Mother Marietta receives Father Hendershott's priestly blessing and kisses his anointed hands.

Our First Mass With A New Priest

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What a way to celebrate the Feast of the Precious Blood in the month of the Precious Blood! Our first Mass with newly ordained Father Michael Hendershott occurred on July 1st, 2015 at the Christ, Prince of Peace, Retreat Center in Benton, TN. Not only was it special in that Father used the Extraordinary Form and a votive Mass for …

Ordinandi lie prostrate. Photo by Stephanie Richer.

Four New Priests…Forever!

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On June 27, 2015, at Bishop Stika’s special invitation, three Handmaids of the Precious Blood had the privilege of representing our community at the ordinations of Father Jesús Guerrero-Rodriguez, Father Michael Hendershott, Father Ray Powell, and Father Scott Russell. Not surprisingly, the Sisters came home ecstatic over the whole wonderful day. Prominent in their observations were not only the ordinations …

Row of Habits

Why Handmaids Wear Wine Red – For the Precious Blood

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July is a good month to wonder why Handmaids wear wine red habits. Our Founder picked our color scheme deliberately…white veils for the Eucharist as a tribute to our lives of Adoration and wine red habits to honor the Precious Blood shed by Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world. Seeking to imitate him, our very religious name “Of …

July – The Month of the Precious Blood

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There’s a Story Behind This Chalice In this month of July, we invite everyone to spend some time contemplating The Precious Blood and we begin with a reminder that one way our Founder, Father Gerald, referred to priests was to call them “living chalices of the Precious Blood”. As other Christs, they too pour out their blood, everything they have, …