Chapel approaching Triduum

Historic Holy Week and Easter for Handmaids

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Easter approaches! It’s Holy Week! Our Crucifix and statues are covered in Chapel. We are unpacking and digging out processional crosses, candles and bells, dusting, scrubbing, and polishing. We are preparing and printing out booklets with hymns, music, and prayers for each wonderful event that marks Holy Week and the Triduum. Choir practices are brushing up on Passion and Paschaltide …

A Beautiful First Day of Spring Thanks to the Snow!

Snow In Spring!

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We had a blessed first day of Spring this year with the gift of SNOW! A wet inch, yes, just 1 inch, fell overnight to inspire us with a morning surprise to hail the first official day of Spring, March 21st. Owing to the steep terrain of our property, just a few minutes walk down the road showed us marvelous …

Frost Flowers in East Tennessee

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Frost Flowers? Frost itself may seem an odd term to think about in the South but it does get cold sometimes. Earlier this year, when we reached single digit temperatures we realized it was indeed winter. But as we share this post, the forecast for next week (though just past mid February) is calling for a high of 77 deg …

Surprise CCW Shower!

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CCW Monastery Shower! As many friends of our community know, we have a few wish lists for those who are wondering how they might assist us. Two lists (one for general items and one for books) are on Amazon and a third is on Walmart. We are always grateful to the many generous souls, known and unknown, who provide items …

Christmas Tree and Nativity Scene

Christmas at Cor Jesu 2017

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Many may note that we usually don’t post news during Advent and Lent, not even during the Christmas and Easter Octaves. This is primarily because we place prayer ahead of sharing. We may post them after and back date them so the news blog timeline makes sense. This year we had a blessed Advent and Christmas and have stretched the …

Up close look at a dusting of "diamonds" on the outside railing.

Brrrrrr! It’s COLD outside!

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For our Sisters who have spent any significant time in our priories we used to have in Vermont and Illinois, where winters are harsh and long, East Tennessee is a veritable paradise climatologically. While we do hear words like global warming now and again, it has been far from our thermometers this year when extreme cold hit the eastern part …

God’s Providence in Awakening Love

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God’s Providence saw to it that we were blessed this December with a mini-retreat day featuring Father Greg Cleveland, OMV (author of Awakening Love). While in the Knoxville Diocese as the keynote speaker at the Celebrate Consecrated Life 2017 events, including  an appreciation dinner, a mini-parish retreat and talks to active religious Sisters serving in the diocese, Father Greg was …

An overflow of petals for a Rose

Farewell Sister Rose Anne – A Handmaid’s Funeral

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Having our dear Sister Rose Anne of Jesus pass away on July 1st, with her funeral on July 3rd so close to Sister Christiana’s profession of solemn vows as a Handmaid on July 7th has kept us very busy. Now, we take an opportunity to share some of the photos from our farewell to Sister Rose Anne, her funeral. Celebrating …

A Petal Fallen: Renewing A Graveside Custom

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When the first Handmaid of the Precious Blood to pass away was buried in New Mexico in the Spring of 1962 a tradition began by the hand of Providence. The cemetery had been an apple orchard and the remaining trees were in bloom. The Archbishop of Santa Fe celebrated the Mass. At the graveside, just as the casket was lowered, …

Holy Vows and Holy Bookends

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As Handmaids, we find it is sometimes difficult to explain our way of life to outsiders, Catholic and non-Catholic, family, friends, or strangers. Summarizing, as we did in the cartoon we posted on July 9th, that the word, “Fiat!” is best, may not be clear enough for those who are not nuns. It may seem too simple or facile. So …

Sister Christiana with her Mom Sandy and sister Sunny

Solemn Vows as a Handmaid for Sister Christiana

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On the First Friday of July 2017, July 7th, we were blessed by God to have the Solemn Profession of Vows as a Handmaid of the Precious Blood of Sister Christiana of Christ the King. Bishop Richard F. Stika, Bishop of Knoxville, celebrated the Mass and in addition, we were honored to have His Eminence Justin Cardinal Rigali, Archbishop Emeritis …

Freedom for Martyrdom?

A Handmaid Fortnight, News

Whither the Fortnight? For the last five years, U.S. Catholics, led by the U.S.C.C.B., have marked the two weeks leading up to the American celebration of Independence Day as a period of prayerful reflection on our cherished Freedom of Religion as enshrined in Article 1 of the Bill of Rights. Members of the hierarchy have sought to lead the faithful …