Snakes Alive! Again!

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Snakes alive! Again?! Yes, another reptile intruder livens things up for the Nuns in New Market. All are safe and sound, including the poor snake.

National Eucharistic Pilgrimage Stops in the Diocese of Knoxville!

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As part of the Eucharistic Revival and the fast-approaching July Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis, cross country Eucharistic Pilgrimage routes (from each direction of the compass) are converging on Indianapolis. This Monday, the Southern Route – Juan Diego Route that began in Brownsville, TX – will reach Tennessee. On the Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist, the pilgrimage will stop in Chattanooga for a day of adoration, worship, public witness and celebration of this Source and Summit of our Catholic Faith: the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh My!

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We had a black bear sighting at Cor Jesu Monastery in New Market TN. It is a first for us at this location but not the first bear Handmaids have encountered. We are being careful and cautious and have wish listed some small bear spray devices and hope, as in the past, we will never have to use them. It’s best we keep the bears at a respectful distance without bothering them. And we do NOT feed them.

The Heavens Declare the Glory of the Lord!

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What might the glory of the Lord look like? The world just got a glimpse of only a tiny portion of his awesome power in creation in the magnificent display of such intense aurora that even low latitude locations, like East Tennessee, got the show of a lifetime. #geomagneticstorm #aurora

Pope Francis Appoints New Bishop for Knoxville

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We have a new Bishop! Pope Francis has selected Bishop-Elect Mark Beckman of Nashville to lead the Diocese of Knoxville in East Tennessee. He will be ordained and installed as the fourth Bishop of Knoxville on July 26th, 2024. Please pray in thanksgiving for this appointment and for this priest as he steps into his new role as Knoxville’s shepherd.

The Voice of the Shepherd – Sharing Her Vocation Story

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Sister Angela Rose’s vocation story, which she titled, “The Voice of the Shepherd”, was featured in the Institute on Religious Life’s Spring magazine discussing her conversion, her missionary work as an eye surgeon with travels around the globe before the Lord called her, more permanently, before his Eucharistic throne for priests as a Handmaid of the Precious Blood. We are …

Saint Joseph the Worker Pray for Us!

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Saint Joseph the Worker, Pray for Us! Work is not a chore to be escaped. It can be a path to holiness when undertaken for God. May we all honor Saint Joseph and commend to him all our needs.

Vocations: A Growing Problem

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We have a growing problem, quite literally. Vocations are growing. It’s a nice problem to have but makes for innovative housing accommodations from time to time. God always provides, nevertheless, we ask for prayers as we move forward towards constructing Holy Family Building which will allow us to go on growing and growing for Christ in His Priest. Please help if you can!