Happy Anniversary to Gunther

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This month we mark Gunther’s (a.k.a. Shadow) first anniversary of arrival. As we don’t know his birthday, we’ll consider this day the one to celebrate. The shy Russian Blue has made himself part of our religious family transitioning from his earlier life as a barn cat mouser to something of a monastic therapy cat with mousing on the side and …

Sorrowful Mother

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Although this day is listed as a memorial in the liturgical calendar, we celebrate it communally as a feast when we chant the Divine Office. This is not simply an occasion to honor the Blessed Virgin Mother as she stood unflinching beneath the Cross. Her acceptance of her son’s passion and the mysterious plan of God ultimately brings us right …

Returning the Gift

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It is the Blessed Mother’s Birthday so what present best marks this day? A Rosary? Flowers? Hymns?  Or also Benediction, Mass and an exchange of gifts? Today, Father Alex Waraksa said his last Mass with us before moving to his new assignment at Saint Jude’s in Chattanooga. Afterwards, we gathered to receive his blessing one last time as we assured …

Cartoon Come and Sees during COVID


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Vocations News: Coping with COVID-19 and Come and Sees Yes, 2020 has been quite a year. We managed to get in a couple visits with inquiring women before COVID became a byword and seeming harbinger of all that could go wrong with the year 2020. By lockdown in March it was hoped a few weeks would be sufficient to dispel the …

Our Guard Cat Gunther

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Gunther keeps a wary eye out for all things interesting and moving outside the windows. Be it lizards, skinks, chipmunks, turtles, enemy squirrels, turkeys, deer, or bobcats he’s on watch for it. And he’s keeping up with his mouse trophies having recently added another one, although in a rather blasé manner to be found as a forgotten toy instead of …

Dreary or Dramatic?

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A grainy photo could capture the dreariness of fog….or the awesome promise of sunlight!

Religious Symbols: Side Rosary

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Many religious, male and female, wear a side Rosary with their habit. Some can be rather large, others small. While Handmaids have had some minor variations in the wear of our side Rosary, we have always had them as a necessary part of the habit, not just as an accessory but as an essential to our spiritual life. Our Founder …

Summer skies at the Mary, Mother of Priests Tribute Garden

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Summer skies at the Mary, Mother of Priests Tribute Garden. Even though we wake up in the very same place every day and see the same hills and valleys and skies, it is really just a glimpse of the infinite ways God can delight to make the ‘same old thing’ different each and every time in its beauty and wonder.