There’s Still Time To Double Your Gift!

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The Epiphany of Our Lord, on January 7th, is approaching quickly but there is still time to double your gift to the Handmaids and have it matched up to $30,000! Us Nuns, and the leaky roof and wood rot, thank All Y’All for all the help you have so generously sent and that is still to come! For more information, see our post or visit our donation page.

Providence Did Provide!

Providence Can Provide!

Providence Will Provide!

Double Your Gift To The Handmaids!

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On Christmas Eve we received an incredibly generous gift and we are still unwrapping it and could use your help to complete the job!  A generous benefactor is asking that you join them in supporting our Community with a monetary donation between now and Sunday January 7th, 2024 (the Epiphany of the Lord), and your donation will be lovingly matched …

Deo Gratias! Once Again Spared Tree Damage

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We lift up prayers of thanksgiving that we were again spared substantial tree damage during a recent windstorm. The same system that split this tree and barely missed Our Lady of Guadalupe House also caused damage throughout Tennessee, even an EF-2 tornado in Knoxville. As we continue cleaning up we are grateful for all the help we have received and …

The Heliotropium In The Garden

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Our Novice Mistress has the novices, and any discerning guests, learning about the spiritual benefits of gardening as well as culinary should the harvest be abundant enough. But on a strictly spiritual level sunflowers are good models for us. Jeremias Drexelius wrote The Heliotropium, or Conformity of the Human Will to the Divine around 1630.  The sunflower that follows the …

Ite Ad Joseph: We Need Holy Family Building

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They say to go to Saint Joseph when in great need. We have been praying his Litany daily for some time now for the intention of successfully fundraising, then building and completing, a needed addition to our monastery: Holy Family Building. This annex, which would attach directly to our largest building, would allow all Handmaids to live, work, and pray …

Mater Dei Deck Replacement

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We long ago had to declare defeat in our War Against The Squirrels and replace the outside stairs leading to the cells adjacent to Mater Dei. They have resisted the squirrels teeth, although some squirrels, perhaps to spite the loss of the wood staircase, have a regular penchant for visiting when Gertrude lets them. Actually she has been seen chasing chipmunks …

Of the Incarnation, Creation, Christmas, Crawl Spaces, and Septic Tanks

A HandmaidNews, Diamond Jubilee

We have had quite an end to Advent and a start to the Christmas season by ‘returning to Bethlehem’. While we were spared any truly life threatening issues from the great arctic blast that devastated parts of the U.S., we did enjoy circumstances that were both occasions of humor and trial. There were multiple opportunities to thank God ‘for everything’; …

Archive Treasures: A Septic Tank?!!!

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Bet you never guessed something like that would be included in our list of “memories”! Since we had a little “septic scare” on Christmas Eve, we thought this would be a great time to share this archive photo.   As we’ve explained to numerous plumbers, tradesmen, construction workers, contractors, and benefactors over the years monasteries and plumbing challenges go “hand …

Archive Treasures: Cor Jesu Core Sample Rock

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We share an archive treasure from the more recent past from our arrival in New Market. A Church built upon rock. Cor Jesu Monastery was originally a large lodge in the woods. Before building it, the previous owners had core samples drilled to assess the construction site for suitability. In limestone country it’s understandable that you don’t want to build …

Fiat Lux! Let There Be Light!

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As an Easter gift, a benefactor made possible the night lighting of our gates, call box, and most especially the wooden Crosses now draped in white. It helps with security and visitors finding the call box but also allows the Cross to be seen at quite a distance even in the dark. Fiat Lux! Let There Be Light! We are …