Panoramic Mary Mother of Priests Tribute Garden

Fiery Sun on a Frosty Morning

A Handmaid News, Priests Garden

We welcomed December with our first ‘snowfall’ of the year and captured some of these views from the Mary, Mother of Priests Tribute Garden. The stations may have been coated with snow and ice and the names of the priests looking white and frosty, but the rising sun turned it all into a dazzling spectacle of joy. Prayers are like …

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A Handmaid News, Priests Garden

With the recent answered prayers for rain…and fixed water lines, our gardens have been much happier of late. The Priest Garden’s bushes and shrubs have had some relief from the heat and dry conditions while their fellow gardens around Mater Dei house are providing beautiful flowers for the Chapel and Oratories and tasty vegetables for the table!

Well Update: A Swell Leak

A Handmaid News

Thank you for all the prayers with our well situation. Last year a leak was found and repaired at the well head at the top of the ridge. One symptom of the emptying water line was a curiously loud hissing and spitting down from the well itself. Upon taking the lid off the well head, we were treated at regular …

The Well Ran Dry

A Handmaid News

The Well Ran Dry…literally. We interrupt our normal reflections on the week’s cartoon to request your prayers and help in a matter of pressing concern. Well, of pressing concern for some nuns on a hilltop in East Tennessee. And well, it’s about a well. You may recall an earlier news post last year entitled “Well, well, well…our well is well!” …


A Handmaid News

We recently received a wonderful gift from a very generous benefactor. Four raised beds, on wheels and completely assembled and full of rich, black soil just waiting for our green thumb sisters to “dig in”. For the gardeners, this is like winning the lottery. A fresh, pristine box of nutritious soil awaiting a seed, seedling, or transplant is something like …

God shows off his handiwork at Sunrise

Another Cross

A Handmaid News

It’s not surprising that a monastery has crosses on the property but you may not know we have two so far. One on top of the hill behind Mater Dei House at the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden and the other about midway between Mater Dei House and Cor Jesu. This photo is the cross that lies at the midway …