Sister Regina Comic Strip

Sister Regina is a fictitious Handmaid who appears almost every week on this site, on our Facebook page, and in our Twitter feed. She gives those outside the cloister an idea of what life within the monastery can be like. Click any cartoon to see a larger image.

Sister Regina the cartoon is not published during the seasons of Advent, the Christmas Octave, Lent, or the Easter Octave to not only allow the Handmaids to more deeply enter into those times of more intense prayer, but also to encourage others to do so as well.

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Gifts and Fruits

Sometimes it happens that people give gifts to each other they don`t really want. They`re thankful and polite, but then put them someplace on a shelf because they didn`t want to give offense. Many little knick knacks, while representing small (but real) acts of kindness and charity, gather dust in this almost dormant way.

But what if the giver was God? Pentecost isn`t just a Feast where we historically mark the descent of the Holy Spirit on Mary and the Apostles gathered in the Upper Room. It`s meant to help us recall the Gift of the Holy Spirit that we have already received. That we speak of this intangible munificence as seven separate gifts is more for our benefit, to try to wrap our heads around the unspeakable. That God, the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us and wants to fill us with these magnificent gifts. And, surprise!...he expects us to do something with these gifts. They are to bear fruit. Even these are enumerated as twelve fruits. They are not to lie dormant and unused to wither and shrivel. They are to vivify.

If it seems impossible to understand the seven gifts and the twelve fruits or to witness their manifestation in souls, we only have to look at the Saints throughout the Church`s history. They accepted and welcomed the Spirit, got out of the way, and let him operate in their lives.

If we notice dust collecting on the precious gifts that came to us in our lives, it`s never to late to ask to Holy Spirit to clean things up and start bearing fruit again.


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his November, the month our nation should remember veterans especially, we pray particularly for the priest chaplains of what is sometimes called the largest diocese in the world: The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA. Though this Archdiocese has no fixed property per se, its jurisdiction spans the globe. It serves not only active duty troops in all branches of the military but also reservists, guard troops, the Veterans Administration, the Civil Air Patrol, and anywhere U.S. government personnel are in need of Catholic chaplains. It is estimated that about 1.8 million souls fall under the care of these priests. We thank the many generous bishops who release some of their priests to follow this unique and demanding call, even if only on a temporary basis.

Owing to their mission in the military, we won`t be displaying individual names. If we did, at about a dozen a week, it would still take nearly a year to share their names. Instead, we invite you to please pray for each and every one of them, their safety, their spiritual strength and for all the troops they literally bring Christ to. Ask Our Lord to inspire many young men, as well as already ordained priests, to answer the call to serve as military chaplains. Though the life is challenging and difficult, it is also rewarding and the need is very great. God bless and protect all our military priest chaplains!


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A Holy Family Mother`s Day

Anna Jarvis might not have been able to grasp the full role of motherhood Mary was undertaking had the founder of Mother`s Day been in Nazareth 2000 years ago, but she certainly could have picked up some clues if she observed Jesus and Joseph and their relationship to Mary. They would have honored her, treated her with respect, given her their love as a son and a husband in a measure unseen anywhere else in history. Jarvis would likely have been pleased.

On this Mother`s Day, however Anna Jarvis intended it to be for singular families to honor their own particular mothers [that`s why she insisted on "Mother`s Day" rather than "Mothers` Day"], we honor and pray for all Mothers everywhere. We thank God for you and pray for all women taking on the role of mothers in a world that so desperately needs women with motherly hearts like Mary`s ready to sacrifice and love.


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xperiencing the beauty of a person transformed by Eucharist can lead them to experience the beauty of the Person of Jesus Christ truly present in the Eucharist. There is a very good argument for the pursuit of Truth by the way of beauty. Because many people, convinced there is no such thing as truth, will nonetheless be drawn to the wonder of beauty and that can lead them closer to God. Not everyone is going to experience a tangible, life-changing encounter the moment they are in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament the very first time. Perhaps they have little knowledge or experience of the practice of Eucharistic adoration. Maybe they are distracted by the various elements of Catholic devotion and may feel too uncomfortable. But what if their introduction to this ancient form of prayer was through a person already deeply living in contact with his Real Presence in such a way that its effects were manifest in every other aspect of their lives? The Eucharistic Revival is not limited to processions and holy hours. But it is rooted and grown from there by the very devotees themselves. His love reflected in them will be an attracting force. To "polish" our own mirrors up to reflect Our Lord in our lives means we need to spend time with him in this way, kneeling at his feet, as it were, like Mary who chose the better part. #sisterreginacomicstrip ...

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You’ve probably seen or heard about Catholics filing into a movie theater and genuflecting at their row of seats. In monasteries, nuns can also get into a routine of picking up visual or physical cues and moving accordingly before realizing what we’re doing. Standing and bowing at the end of chanting a psalm is usually done together. But not always. A sudden move or sound can set off the entire Chapel in a sort of religious wave of standing, bending, and bowing bodies until we can get back in sync. Another example of God’s sense of humor. #sisterreginacomicstrip ...

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Website note: September 2020 – We switched to posting Sister Regina’s Comic Strips on Instagram, but you can still enjoy her past comics in the archive below.