When this hung outside our front parlor door at the monastery in New Mexico, guests often asked permission if they could ring it. Here you don't have to. This really is our doorbell and is the only way to let us know someone is at the door.

Typical Horarium (Schedule)

Living a Schedule Centered On Christ In the Eucharist
From the archives: Handmaid ringing "Old Faithful" calling the Sisters to prayer

From the archives: Handmaid ringing “Old Faithful” calling the Sisters to prayer

Because our “work” is focused on prayer specifically in Eucharistic Adoration, this is what everything else is scheduled around.

The Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours (celebrated in common with Exposition) are our center of gravity for each day followed by individual holy hours of adoration.

5:30 am Rising, Breakfast
6:50 am Community Prayers, Matins, Examen
7:30 am Lauds, Terce, Benediction, Mass, Thanksgiving
9-12 am Work and Individual Holy Hours
 12 noon  Dinner, Sext, Litany
 1-1:45 pm  Free Period
 2-4:30 pm Work and Individual Holy Hours
 4:30 pm None, Rosary, Vespers, Prayers for Priests
 6 pm Supper
7 pm Examen and Compline
Evening Activities Vary
 8:30 Sacred Silence
Individual Nocturnal Adoration

Study, formation classes, spiritual reading, lectio divina and other activities are attended to daily including periods of community recreation on a regular basis.

On Thursdays there is a silent retreat afternoon and communal holy hour together in the evening