The Heavens Declare the Glory of the Lord!

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What might the glory of the Lord look like? The world just got a glimpse of only a tiny portion of his awesome power in creation in the magnificent display of such intense aurora that even low latitude locations, like East Tennessee, got the show of a lifetime. #geomagneticstorm #aurora

Surprise Morning View From the Garden

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Shortly after we prayed Lauds and Terce, some Sisters out for exercise enjoyed an unexpected treat watching a hot air balloon near the monastery. The burners could be heard as it descended for a landing nearby.  These largely silent aircraft move quietly with the air currents, a beauty that doesn’t disturb the peace around the pastures and hills. We hope …

God’s Wonderful Rainbows

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After a recent spate of severe thunderstorms we had a real treat when the sun began to shine again. A gorgeous rainbow! Wherever these optical phenomena appear in the sky, they remain ever the striking and breathtaking reminder that our God is a God of kept promises and purest beauty. We share a few images and ask you to join …

Gaudete! He is Coming!

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Rejoice! It’s Gaudete Sunday! We enter the third week of Advent lighting the rose colored candles and renewing our thanksgiving for the Incarnation. He is coming. He is coming to save us. He is coming to be one of us. This gives us all hope and joy, but not for the secular trappings of the coming holidays. It’s not about …