On Eagle’s Wings (Not the song)

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We see them relatively frequently but it’s harder to actually photograph a bald eagle in flight. During a very windy day recently in a sky shared by hawks, black vultures and turkey vultures, a bald eagle also made an appearance. Though one hawk was not pleased to share the sky with this bald eagle (and he let the eagle know …

Gertrude’s Christmas Wardrobe – ribbons, for a moment

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Gertrude, not to be outdone by Gunther’s little green bowtie, did tolerate a bit of Christmas color for a short photo shoot session. A dashing, yet feminine, red bow assembly with a flower, was (after some treat bribery) quite something against her diluted tortoiseshell coat of grayish brown. She even provided some reasonable poses before opting to remove said bow …

What Do You Get Cats For Christmas?

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We can laugh about the gifts the cats are sometimes sent and in this cartoon we poke fun that Shadow and Sunbeam (a.k.a. Gunther and Gertrude) are disappointed with practical presents found under the tree. Us nuns are thrilled with such items while the cats may be sniffing around for catnip and other edibles.  An interesting fact about Gunther is …

Another Christmas Cat Laugh

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Humor can extend Christmas too. And animals as well. This is a cartoon many cat owners might sympathize with, though in full disclosure, we must admit Gunther has never climbed the Christmas tree. [It took him over a year to even touch his cat tree. Russian Blues are notorious about disliking change.] But he does like to be the present …

Gunther’s Christmas Wardrobe – the bowtie

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We know our cats are popular with those who frequent our website or social media venues. In the cartoon world they have nom de plumes (Shadow and Sunbeam) but we call them by their real names (Gunther and Gertrude). Fans, both feline and human, have sent the cats notes, gifts, as well as well wishes and prayers. Regarding Gunther: his …

Of Community Christmas Photo Sessions and Cats

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We had our community Christmas photo and invited Gunther. He declined the invite though he did wear his bowtie and even seemed to parade it before every Sister that entered the house. But as the photos indicate, he prefers to play with his tie than wear it. He also likes trying to eat artificial Christmas decorations. All the beautiful poinsettias we …

Monastery Cats: The Formative Years

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As many a novice or postulant can tell you, the formation group in a monastery is not shy of humor and entertaining skits to share with the rest of the community. The Handmaids are no exception. In years past, as our archive sharing during our Diamond Jubilee will show, Handmaids found themselves in plays, musicals, humorous skits, and sing-a-longs. This …

Gertrude says, “I’m on duty!”

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We are still in retreat mode but Gertrude has taken it upon herself to keep watch on things. Gunther is still snoozing. We will have our first full day out of retreat together on October 5th.


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Just want to share some photos of local ‘youngins’ we’ve come across. Enjoy and thank God for all his creatures!

Of Serpents and Doves

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Recently the weekday Gospel had Jesus giving his disciples instructions before sending them out to preach and he warned them that they would be as vulnerable as sheep amid wolves adding that they needed to be as shrewd as serpents and as simple as doves.  So, we thought it a good time to share some photos of the most recent …

Gunther the Therapy Cat Gets A Little Therapy

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When Gunther’s favorite veterinarian (and ours) nixed his outdoor activities for the sake of his health, he became an indoors-only ‘therapy cat’. We explained to him what this meant several times assuring him that nunly spoilage would occur but that he had to tolerate monastic silence, lots of petting, and regular feedings. [He is the only cat, possibly ever, that …