Mary Had A Little Lamb…

A HandmaidNews

A ewe cleans her second born lamb while her first born attempts to get closer.

We have some new ‘neighbors’ in New Market! The beautiful hills and pastures surrounding us are usually sporting cattle, some horses, donkeys and such. But we had a delightful surprise recently when Sisters driving to a medical appointment saw a field full of sheep of all colors just across the fence. In fact, they witnessed a live lambing. In between nibbles at the grass a ewe nonchalantly was delivering two lambs, one mostly black and one mostly white. Nuns, partial to the Lamb of God, couldn’t help but cheer the little ones on as they struggled to their feet, lurched, crumpled, stood again, fell, crawled, and kept moving inch by inch to their mom for their first drink.
For the Sisters this was a definite first and a thrill to see. Though we are not sure what the shepherds thought of their first sight of cheering nuns.
The little lambs are fine. And the Sisters made it to their appointment on time. In subsequent hours and days many more lambs of different colors and patterns have been born and these have continued to delight the nuns!