Gunther’s Christmas Wardrobe – the bowtie

A Handmaid News

We know our cats are popular with those who frequent our website or social media venues. In the cartoon world they have nom de plumes (Shadow and Sunbeam) but we call them by their real names (Gunther and Gertrude). Fans, both feline and human, have sent the cats notes, gifts, as well as well wishes and prayers.

Regarding Gunther: his former life involved barn living as a mouser and hunter and basement living as the same. We believe our putting a green Christmas bowtie on him, during his first Christmas with us, was perhaps the first time he ever had a collar on. So that might be an indication of the adjustment he has had to make. Now, a seasoned collar wearer, he has no trouble with the bowtie for formal occasions but he would rather play with it than wear it. 

He finds it more fun to play with his tie rather than wear it.