Gunther Climbs To New Heights

A Handmaid News

Our indoor cat Gunther (a.k.a. Shadow in cartoon land) has the run of the largest building, Cor Jesu Monastery, which is a large, rustic, wooden lodge. It’s like one big cat tree. Fortunately he is not like most cats and doesn’t often push his limits. But during a recent meal (best nun audience time) he leapt from the second floor railing (only 2 inches wide and a little over 12 feet above the refectory floor) up to the highest shelf on a library stack. That gets him about 16 feet above the refectory floor.

Gunther can safely get to the red circle shelf but the yellow square is more unnerving.

See the yellow square in the photo. That definitely garnered attention because, while he has mastered getting safely into and out of a lower shelf using the railing (see red circle), he would have to leap, not step, back to the 2 inch railing. Much to his disappointment, and our relief, he allowed himself to be removed from the shelf. We revoked his library card, pro tem, and he briefly sulked in his cat cave (under the sink).

Only slightly chastened, Gunther retreats to his “cat cave” under the sink.

To our knowledge, we can check for paw prints, he has made no further attempts and he may resume his spiritual reading.