What Do You Get Cats For Christmas?

A Handmaid News

We can laugh about the gifts the cats are sometimes sent and in this cartoon we poke fun that Shadow and Sunbeam (a.k.a. Gunther and Gertrude) are disappointed with practical presents found under the tree. Us nuns are thrilled with such items while the cats may be sniffing around for catnip and other edibles. 

An interesting fact about Gunther is that while he will accept treats, he never demands them and will not take them from your hand. They may be placed on top of his kibble and then, at his choosing only, he will thoroughly and delicately enjoy them. Along these lines, he may be quite the rare cat in that he must be encouraged to eat and drink. When he does get “a little peckish”, he silently and politely sits in front of his dish. You read that right. Silently and politely. We should videotape this to get it on record. He is also nearly immune to catnip. He will now and then find a fresh microscopic particle, likely tracked in by Sisters, on the floor and then follow the standard cat rule book for a brief reaction. 

Gertrude is promised treats for undergoing a Christmas photo shoot. Food driven, she agrees.

Gertrude is all cat. All treats. All food. All the time. Given her energy level and near proximity to our Chapel (she is one floor above), she has not been given loose catnip for fear of the pounding of her padded feet leaping around above the adoration prie-dieu.

On behalf of our little padded paw friends we thank all the well wishers who even remember these pets in their gifts and donations to us.