How Am I Doing? Holy Week Begins

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It’s Holy Week. Now the penances of Lent come into fuller focus even as preparations begin in earnest for the most somber time of the liturgical year. We share a photo of one of our crucifixes that is slightly unusual in that Jesus has not yet given up his Spirit on the Cross. He’s conscious. He’s looking up to the …

Happy Nuns, Melting Snow, and Fleeting Grace

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Though Spring is here, we want to share some of winter’s last hurrahs in mid March at Cor Jesu Monastery. The day after we had enjoyed 72 degree weather, we had a winter storm and over 4 inches of snow, a rare occurrence. And unlike last year, thanks to a generous priest, we had a sled! No cardboard for us …


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We join with Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Bishops, Priests, Religious, Lay Faithful, and people of all the world in the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the Solemnity of the Annunciation 2022 begging Our Lady to intercede for peace in Ukraine and Russia and throughout the world.  The Holy Father’s request for this global consecration may …

I Have Called You By Name

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On March 24th, 2022 we welcomed with joy our Postulant Maria into the Novitiate, with Mother Sarah Michael clothing her in the wine-red habit of a Handmaid of the Precious Blood and announcing her new name in religious life: Sister Maria Crucis of Saint Joseph. Join us as we pray for her as she continues on her formation journey accompanied …

Lizard sunning himself on a rock in winter.

Watch Your Step!

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This Lent, want to sit down, rest, and take a break? When the temptation is there to ‘take it easy’, be more wary, and look hard before you sit down. Watch your step. You may meet a lizard you didn’t expect.

Prayers for Ukraine

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What can a cloistered nun do about a situation beyond her control? Everything. Take it to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  Many years ago, when the Handmaids of the Precious Blood were operating their own off-set press in the mountain canyon they called home, their St. Maximillian’s Printery churned out several small prayer booklets and devotionals for the sisters’ use. …

Who Is In The Garden?

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We thought that, similar to sharing images of our priests chalkboard in our refectory highlighting priests to pray for each week, we might share from time to time, not just a photo of our Mary Mother of Priests Garden, but a little about some of the priests names fixed there among the Stations of the Cross on our hilltop home.  …


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We share a few photos from very early in the month as we marked Candlemas, February 2nd. This is the Feast of the Presentation and the World Day for Consecrated Life. As such, along with blessing the candles we will use throughout the year in our Chapel and Oratories, we honor Jesus and Mary and thank God for his gift …