Book of the Day: Peter Keys to Following Jesus

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Easter time is a beautiful season not only to rejoice in the Risen Lord but also to savor the story of the early Church in Apostolic times. The readings at Mass and the Divine Office walk us through those days as if they were happening today. We have been blessed to also add some appropriate table reading that dovetails perfectly …

View of the Day: Holston River

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Sometimes it would seem the only argument you would need for God’s existence is to open your eyes and look around. So we seek to share some of those captured moments in our views of the day. Here is an inspirational look from our cliff looking down the Holston River on a very calm day. On days with great calm …

May is Mary’s Month

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This year we marked the beginning of Mary’s month in a special way as North America was reconsecrated to Mary under the title of Mary, Mother of the Church. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ravaging the world, we find our need for our Mother, more poignant than ever. We beg her intercession to stop the spread of the virus, protect …

Cat of the Day: Gunther’s New Toy THANK YOU!

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Gunther got some toy ‘cat dancer’ wands in the mail from some generous donors and we want to express our gratitude on his behalf. He would type the thanks himself we are sure but he’s napping after another several rounds of snake-chase, sneak-attack, pounce-n-kill and his morning favorite paw-at-it-lightly. This last one is self-entertainment requiring little human interaction, if any, …

Rose in bloom

View of the Day: Coming Up Roses

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Today we share just a close up of one of our “Knock Out Roses” from Our Lady of Guadalupe House. The bushes, perhaps suspecting they adorn the front of a building named for Our Lady of Guadalupe, seem to do their very best each year to out produce our capacity to cut and prune them.  Taking a look at this …

Is Gunther praying?

Cat of the Day: Gunther and friends

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As COVID-19 lockdowns continue in places, we try to provide some levity in sharing not only some cartoons each week, but a little photo whenever we can of Gunther, our Russian Blue. Here he seems to be praying that God might send a few more deer to visit. He’s a pious little guy so its little wonder that 5 deer …

Host of the Day: Archives from Our Lady of Mercy Oratory

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Our Host of the Day image today is an archive photo of one of our Sisters adoring Our Lord in Our Lady of Mercy Oratory in New Mexico. Nestled into the corner of the two wing dormitory was the Oratory used for wintertime nocturnal adoration and daytime visits. The tiny tabernacle was of hand beaten metal and almost reminded some …

Sunrise at the Cross at the Mary Mother of Priests Tribute Garden

View of the Day: Sunrise at the Cross

A Handmaid News, Priests Garden

Spring is a wonderful season in East Tennessee. In the soft rolling hills of this area, sunrise and sunset are special treats. It’s worth the trek up the hill to see the first rays of the Sun falling on the new Cross at the Mary Mother of Priests Garden. A bit of Easter glory each morning. Deo Gratias!



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  “It’s Divine Mercy Sunday. Which round object has the most attention in your heart? Coronavirus or our Crowned King hidden in the Host? Yes, the virus may get one sick, it may kill, it might do nothing…in that sense it is then unreliable. But it cannot touch the soul. That is a very reliable fact. Our Crowned King, whose …