Mary Had A Little Lamb…

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We have some new neighbors in New Market: sheep and lots of little lambs! Makes us eager for Easter and the Victory of the Lamb of God!

Gunther Takes A Nap

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We’re testing some site functionality and thought everyone would like to see Gunther. Enjoy.

Honoring Handmaids Before Us

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One of the many fruits of our Diamond Jubilee year and its aftermath has been opening the archives and sharing the many hidden treasures from our past. In particular, it’s allowed our formation Sisters to learn more about the Handmaid pioneers that went before us, even as we continue on our own type of pioneering journey in East Tennessee. So …

Sister Mary Magdalen’s Magnolia

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After our dear Sister Mary Magdalen took her unexpected flight to eternity on Pentecost, we received the gift of a Teddy Bear Magnolia tree in her memory and planted in the the hill overlooking Cor Jesu near Saint Anthony’s where it would get the best sun. After some time acclimating an additional gift was given to mark the tree in …


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An early addition to our Mary Mother of Priests Garden was Knoxville’s own Father Randy Stice. We were blessed to have him assigned as our spiritual director and one of our confessors while we lived in Benton TN on the grounds of the Christ, Prince of Peace Retreat Center. Even now he continues to minister to us in New Market …

Diamond Dust

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If you have to be cold, be cold enough for diamond dust! Diamond dust snapshot at Cor Jesu Monastery in New Market TN. See the short video link also.

Snow Day at Cor Jesu!

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We are praying for all impacted by the snow and cold snap and inclement weather, especially if rolling blackouts happen again like Dec 2022.