Pope Francis Appoints New Bishop for Knoxville

A HandmaidNews

We are happy to hear that the Holy Father has selected Father James Mark Beckman of the Diocese of Nashville to be the next bishop of the Diocese of Knoxville. Bishop Elect Beckman will be ordained to the episcopacy on July 26th, 2024. We have long been praying for him daily after Mass in our prayers for a new bishop, but now we may pray for him in a special way by name. May God bless him and Mary hold him close.

Prayer for Bishop-Elect Mark Beckman

Praise to you, Lord our God,

our Eternal Shepherd and Guide,

who has chosen your servant, Mark Beckman,

as the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Knoxville.


As he prepares to take up his role as our pastor and teacher,

May your Holy Spirit fill his heart with wisdom and strength,

gentleness and compassion, so that he may always walk in your ways

and be a true shepherd after Your own Heart.


As Bishop-Elect Beckman prepares to make his home with us,

help us to welcome him with joy, and be attentive to his guidance,

so that he may lead us in being Christ’s heart of mercy, voice of hope,

and hands of justice, so that we together may build up your Holy Church.

We pray through Christ our Lord, Amen