Lenten Novena for Priests in English and Spanish

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Some years ago, with the Knights of Columbus, we prepared small prayer books of a Lenten Novena that men could pray for their priests during Lent. These materials are available for download and printing from our website in both English and Spanish. Here’s an excerpt from the introductory prayer that begins the nine day Novena:

“Come, Holy Spirit, fill me with your gifts and fruits so that

I may better accompany my priests as they lead me to

Calvary en route to Resurrection. In this trek into the

desert, they will be attacked on all sides, both from within

themselves, and from within and outside the Church, as

the devil and his minions seek to rob my priests of all that

enables them to be the “other Christs” I need them to be.”

See our website’s homepage under “Printable Prayer Resources” to pray the rest and support your priests!