Vocations: A Growing Problem

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We have a growing problem, quite literally. Vocations are growing. It’s a nice problem to have but makes for innovative housing accommodations from time to time. Over our 75 year plus history Handmaids of the Precious Blood have found themselves, as all religious do, adapting to whatever God’s Providence arranges. Cabins, garages, homes, inns, duplexes, lodges, hermitages with a variety of sleeping innovations like the floor, mattresses arranged on chairs, cots or beds next to kitchen tables (handy for that morning coffee) etc. Our move to Tennessee has been no different and we thank God for all the help we have received. 

Our Growing (but nice) Problem: Our Formation Group with a reserved spot for Aspirant Sarah, newly professed Sister Maria Crucis, Aspirant Gray, Postulant Chrissy, and Novice Sister Francis Clare.

With two more aspirants ready to join us in residence we will do our traditional Handmaid juggling ensuring their needs are met while enjoying a good dose of humor and creativity in learning to live not just a flexible, holy indifference to circumstances (so long as God is our primary focus) but a fluid detached way of life. When Jesus is given the first place, the primacy of the spiritual, the material situations merely provide opportunities for gratitude and holy joy. 

Nevertheless, we ask for prayers as we move forward towards constructing Holy Family Building which will allow us to go on growing and growing for Christ in His Priest. Please help if you can!

Proposed Holy Family Building with Chapel connected to Cor Jesu Motherhouse