Combat Not Comfort

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If you are called to a vocation to sanctify priests, don’t expect it to be comfortable…because it is combat. So please pray for us as we pray for you!

First groundbreaking on the initial phase of the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden at Cor Jesu Monastery

Groundbreaking for Mary, Mother of Priests Garden Initial Phase

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While we have gotten used to bull dozers and other heavy equipment around the grounds, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden was the first time we had color-coordinated shovels on the property. Several wine-red shovels were on hand on our “Sound of Music” hill where we have plans to eventually build the Mary, Mother of Priests …

Sketch of Mary, Mother of Priests Garden

Groundbreaking Mary Mother of Priests Garden

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Our Handmaid charism has called us to give our lives in Eucharistic adoration, prayer and sacrifice for the sanctification of priests since our founding in 1947.   Under the guidance of the Servant of God John A. Hardon, S.J. we began prayer associations in the 1970s to offer the opportunity to others throughout the world to spiritually hold a particular priest by name …

Father prepares to incense the Blessed Sacrament at the Heart of Mary Priory in Lake Villa, IL.

Priests Loving Jesus!

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Its fun when we notice priests loving Jesus! This is especially delightful when they are unaware others have witnessed those precious moments. Identities of priests, if known, are withheld. [And we add the caveat that, just because a priest may not be seen doing these kinds of things, doesn’t mean he is a lesser priest or not in love deeply …

Prayers for Deceased Priest

We welcome submissions of the name of any deceased priest to include in our prayers. To whom much is given, much will be demanded so all priest souls need our prayers. Simply fill out what information you can below to send us their names. Other ways you can help prayerfully support priests and seminarians:    

Priest Chalkboard In Our refectory

Our Priest Chalkboard

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HOW DID THE PRIEST CHALKBOARD START? People sometimes wonder how the Handmaids came to start writing specific priests’ names on our chalkboard in our refectory. They want to know if these are special priests, or priests in trouble, or particularly great priests. They want to know why certain names appear and when. Well, we do one Diocese at a time. …

Elevation of the Host at Mass

Dear Fathers, Did You Know?

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“Dear Fathers, did you know?…” [We are happy to republish this post from the later portion of the Jubilee Year for Priests when our Oblates of the Precious Blood shared details of what they were offering for priests. May this continue to provide encouragement and inspiration for all our beloved priests.] We address this page to our dear priests who …

Ordinandi lie prostrate. Photo by Stephanie Richer.

Four New Priests…Forever!

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On June 27, 2015, at Bishop Stika’s special invitation, three Handmaids of the Precious Blood had the privilege of representing our community at the ordinations of Father Jesús Guerrero-Rodriguez, Father Michael Hendershott, Father Ray Powell, and Father Scott Russell. Not surprisingly, the Sisters came home ecstatic over the whole wonderful day. Prominent in their observations were not only the ordinations …

Submit A Priest For Adoption

Do You Know A Priest You Would Like To Be Adopted In Prayer? The Handmaids of the Precious Blood pray for every priest but through our external prayer apostolates we invite Catholics everywhere to adopt individual priests for the focus of daily prayer. Well over 30,000 adoptions have taken place since we began. Typically we use the United States Catholic …

Adopt A Priest

Want to Adopt a Priest? ADOPT A PRIEST? WHO ME? Any practicing Catholic may do so. It is our practice to maintain anonymity between the priest and the person praying for him.  HOW DO I ADOPT A PRIEST? Please specify your preferences (regular U.S.P.S. mail or email) and we will send you your priest’s first name as soon as we can. …

Sharing This Vision With You

We Invite Everyone to Join us in Strengthening the Priest, A Living Chalice of the Precious Blood We Have Three Ways to Help Priests: By Simple Spiritual Adoption Of Priests: Laypeople: Lay Associates of the Priesthood Priests, Deacons, Religious: Confraternity of Mary, Mother of Priests By a More In Depth Sharing in the Mission and Charism of the Handmaids of …

Praying for Christ in His Priest

“The Priesthood is God’s greatest gift to man, its faithful fulfillment is man’s greatest gift to God.” – Father Gerald Fitzgerald, sP, Founder This was the conviction of our founder, Father Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P.   He would write:  “I believe I am justified in saying that the priesthood is God’s greatest to man because it gives us Christ in the world …