Truth, Trust, and Prayer

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[Originally published in August 2018]

We don’t post much on what people would call current events or news. 1. We don’t follow it as others in the world do though we know what is necessary to know and 2. It can devolve into divisive viewpoints that deflect attention from the real problem. But we are hearing from people who have good and just questions and we risk answering them here. But our answers, rather than being arguments, are simple statements that, though drawn from our life of hidden prayer, may be helpful more than they are lengthy.

  1. How can you remain Catholic? Because it’s true. The first requirement for membership is to acknowledge “I am a sinner in need of salvation.”
  2. How can you trust the leaders of the Church? We trust the Holy Spirit to guide the Church into all truth. That doesn’t mean people don’t sin; it means trusting God in spite of their sin.
  3. How can you pray for and support priests? Bishops? Even the guilty ones? Because, like us, perhaps even more than us, they need our prayers to be holy priests.

Our life of hidden prayer, adoration, and sacrifice for the sanctification of priests is not limited just to clergy but encompasses all. As our charism focuses especially on priests in spiritual need, it automatically envelopes every soul influenced by priests for better or worse. Each betrayed and shattered heart, each discouraged soul, every downcast mind jaded with cynicism and growing in doubt. If you are reeling and feeling spiritually and emotionally devastated, know you are prayed for. Go to the Blessed Sacrament, go and kneel before Christ Himself, the Truth, and ask him to strengthen you and heal you. Pray – pray – pray!…for those who yet need to repent and need grace to do so.