Archive Treasures – Father Gerald’s Rosary

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“Dear daughters, if you understand your vocation you are going to be fishers of very big fish – the souls of the Priests of Jesus Christ.  Go fishing for them with the Blessed Mother’s Rosary. It is here in the Chapel that you can do more for them than anywhere else…. But remember, this is a real fishing line…there has …

World Day of Prayer for Priests

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This year on June 11th, the Feast of the Sacred Heart, coordinates the annual global Rosary Relay for Priests. We joyfully add our prayers to theirs for the sake of our dear priests. We invite you to do the same and explore their weekly Thursday virtual rosaries as well. We can never pray too much for priests.

Religious Symbols: Side Rosary

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Many religious, male and female, wear a side Rosary with their habit. Some can be rather large, others small. While Handmaids have had some minor variations in the wear of our side Rosary, we have always had them as a necessary part of the habit, not just as an accessory but as an essential to our spiritual life. Our Founder …

Rosary of Our Sorrowful Mother

Rosary of Our Sorrowful Mother (reflections by Father Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P., as prayed with the Handmaids of the Precious Blood on November 7th, 1948) Opening Prayer: “Oh Lord Jesus, at first sight it seems strange that You, a God of joy, should have willed that Your sinless Mother should have to participate in sorrow, for there was nothing but joy in …

Handmaid Habit

Our Habit

Our Habit: Crimson Robes “The Precious Blood of Jesus is your wedding garment, dear Handmaids, treasure it for it speaks to you of love.” – Father Gerald, s.P. Founder   Why is our apparel red? Why do the Handmaids wear red? Precisely, why do we wear wine-red? And white veils? What do the symbols of the habit and veil mean? When our …