Litany for Healing in Times of Scandal and Abuse

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During the Abuse Summit, as we prayed and fasted for all those gathered in Rome with the Holy Father from Feb 21st to 24th, we developed a short Litany for Healing. As our charism is to offer our lives to Christ for the sanctification of his priests, we understand that our prayers extend to all those impacted by the actions of priests, for good or ill. If all priests were as holy as God desires, there would be no scandal, no victims, and no survivors in need of deep healing.

But, as fallen men and women living in a fallen world, can any of us say we have not been affected by the scandals? We pray for all but in this litany, in particular, we invoke Our Lady to intercede as only a mother can to help her children heal.

This PDF is available below or on our Printable Prayer Resources Page.

Litany for Healing Booklet