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As the summit in Rome on the crisis of sexual abuse approaches, we have been asked about which prayers people should be praying. What matters most is that you pray, not just what you pray. Each person’s state in life should dictate what they are able to do without undue pressure to get any number of prayers or devotions said each day. That said, intentions matter. Please pray for the grace needed for leaders in the Church to understand and discern what actions need to be taken and then the best way to bring healing and wholeness to the Church. Victims need healing. Priests need healing. It won’t be solved overnight but the prayers and sacrifices made by others for all concerned matter very much.

Thank you for your prayers for priests!

Some suggestions:

The Rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it as such. We have a Rosary for Priests in PDF form that you can download.

Lenten Novena for Priests. Written in light of this crisis and the burdens all our priests are carrying at this time and distributed by the Knights of Columbus in Tennessee. Free downloadable PDF available in English and Spanish.

Simple ejaculatory prayers, for example, “Our Lady of the Precious Blood, watch over the Living Chalices of the Precious Blood.”

Chaplet of the Precious Blood with meditations by our Founder

Other Resources:

Opus Sanctorum Angelorum Prayer booklet Chalice of Strength

Foundation of Prayer for Priests

Prayers in the book In Sinu Jesu and its companion prayer book.