Ite Ad Joseph: We Need Holy Family Building

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Rendering of Holy Family Building which will connect to Cor Jesu and have a larger Chapel.

They say to go to Saint Joseph when in great need. We have been praying his Litany daily for some time now for the intention of successfully fundraising, then building and completing, a needed addition to our monastery: Holy Family Building. This annex, which would attach directly to our largest building, would allow all Handmaids to live, work, and pray under one roof while expanding the size of our Mass Chapel.
We have a lovely problem: Our formation group is growing as is the number of women interested in exploring a Handmaid vocation with us. While they are adventurous and willing to sacrifice much in pursuit of vocational discernment, we don’t want to have to issue sleeping bags or hammocks to be slung under trees outside.
Two things are needed to make a building. Money. And plans. We have the plans. Now we need the funding. Look forward to hearing more from us in the future as we work with Saint Joseph to see how God wants us to raise the necessary financial resources.