What? ANOTHER Diamond Jubilee?!

A Handmaid Diamond Jubilee, HISTORY, HPB Vocations

A Diamond Jubilee can refer to either a 75 year anniversary or a 60 year anniversary. And we’ve got a 60th to rejoice in. Sister Mary Genevieve of the Will of God marks her Diamond Jubilee this year, still joyfully serving God as his Handmaid of the Precious Blood. She received her name and habit from Father Gerald himself in 1963. And we thank God for her perseverance, love, faithfulness, and forgetfulness of self in carrying out any duties she’s given. 
Much to her chagrin, as she is very low key and likes to hide in the background, our first Diamond Jubilarian had to endure our fully-decorated refectory in her honor, replete with a festive meal and cake and a full day of celebration. One Sister prepared a special slide show on Sister Mary Genevieve’s life from babyhood to present that everyone enjoyed. But the greatest joy was her renewing vows on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, liturgically outranked by Sunday, but still a precious day for her, and the rest of us. Several of our Sisters share this day as the day they made their profession of vows. 
One interesting and unexpected event was the arrival of a singular balloon after we decorated. Originally spotted near the driveway lawn between our storage barn (St. Anthony’s) and Cor Jesu Monastery, we took it perhaps for a large, white mushroom. But it looked too perfectly round so a Sister was sent to investigate. Lo and behold, it was a balloon! It’s simple message, “Gone But Never Forgotten” adorned with butterflies, reminded us immediately of Sister Mary Magdalen of recent, and very happy, memory. She loved Carmel. Perhaps a little hint that our Sisters in eternity were also celebrating this July milestone.
Sunday’s Mass was offered for Sister Mary Genevieve and celebrated by Father Randy Stice who gave her a precious and beautiful blessing afterwards. You may read about the words of blessing here.