They’re Baaaaack! Cicadas!

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We have heard much talk of the expected emergence of Cicada Brood X, the 17 year cycle, in these parts of East Tennessee and have kept a wary eye and ear out for their arrival. Mainly because we want to avoid the copperheads that love to feast of the bounty that will be filling the trees around our buildings and …

Catching Up On Easter – Good Friday

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Good Friday is perhaps the most poignant and painful day of our year, the day without Mass, yet we call it Good. How is Good Friday a Good? How do we nuns celebrate this terrible day when man dared to kill God? With an eye (and an ear) on the soon-to-be-sung Exultet praising the ‘O Happy Fault’ that gained us …

Catching Up On Easter – Holy Thursday

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Monastic life, by design, does not always lend itself to instant sharing and media updates. Thus it is only now as we move through Spring, are we sharing more photos from the beautiful Triduum services we were privileged to enjoy. What is the Triduum? Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. The three most intense liturgical days of the year …

The Laboure Society and Rescuing Vocations

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The Labouré Society, faith, finances, and following Christ It’s common knowledge that many young people graduating college are saddled with large debts and are hampered in their job search and getting a good start in life. But did you know it also has an impact on vocations? A discerning candidate to the seminary or religious life can face years of delay …

Saint Joseph the Worker, Pray for Us!

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TO DO VS TO BE Why The Worker Matters Saint Joseph was tasked to do the seemingly impossible with NOTHING. [No, we don’t mean the staircase in Santa Fe, though that’s amazing!] The task? A mere man, though righteous, asked to guard, protect and lead the Sinless Virgin and the Son of God. And he did that well in dire poverty and …

Anti-squirrel Training Continues

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As part of her buildings and grounds orientation Gertrude is spending more time out of doors around Mater Dei and having some treks on a harness to re-explore more distant buildings like Cor Jesu. In a recent jaunt, she was escorted to Cor Jesu, inspected the wood damage, lunged after two squirrels (good thing for the squirrel she was in …

Easter Reading

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We were surprised and delighted to receive the gift of new scripture commentaries for our library. When they appeared on a refectory table all labeled, book marked, and full of ready to use check out cards nuns gathered around as if it were an Easter basket full of eggs and chocolate! A photo of some of the titles we can …


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Christ is risen! Let the Light of Christ shine in your hearts this Easter season!

Special Welcome on the Day of Mary’s Fiat

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On the Solemnity of the Annunciation, in the Year of Saint Joseph and the Amoris Laetitia Family, we welcome Postulant Maria as she joined our religious family in residence, giving her own, “Fiat!” on this beautiful Feast. After persevering through a COVID-challenged Aspirancy, she came on March 25th to begin wearing the wine red colors of one dedicating her life …

They’re Back! But We Have A Bat Cat!

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After a lovely hiatus of a few years, our little brown bat friends have again checked out the inside of Cor Jesu Monastery. Previous agreements that they were quite welcome for insect control outside apparently have fallen by the wayside. Last week, after a nocturnal holy hour, we were alerted by Gunther that something was amiss. He quickly pointed out the winged …