Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

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On Good Friday two men stand in the King’s presence. Pilate and the young Apostle John. Pilate has been appointed procurator of Judea. This office brings him the honor and privilege of authority, but also the responsibility and obligation to rule wisely with justice, impartiality, prudence, and truth – intent on defending the innocent and punishing the guilty. Pilate recognizes …

Attending to Cor Orans and Vultum Dei Quaerere

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Rev. Mother Marietta, HPB and Sister Sarah Michael, HPB recently visited the Passionist Nuns of Saint Joseph in Whitesville, KY as a working trip to share resources and discuss ways cloistered communities are implementing the new directives of Cor Orans and more fully embracing the pastoral recommendations in the Apostolic Constitution Vultum Dei Quaerere. Mother John Mary, CP and Sister …

Say “Cheese!” and Support The Shield!

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Say Cheese! Or Mac N’ Cheese. Or 50 pounds of Mac N’ Cheese and a corresponding mountain of coleslaw. What does this have to do with supporting police officers and the Knights of Columbus? How do cloistered nuns ‘help out’ at a fund raiser in the city? From our cloister of course! With Knights of Columbus delivering the needed supplies …

The Scandal of the Cross

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Today is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Hail, Holy Cross! Our Only Hope! It is perhaps too easy to remember today’s rampant scandals and weary of them, dragged down by so much evil and sin. But if we do, we can forget the greatest Scandal, the Cross of Christ, and how that seeming defeat actually conquered all …

Combat Not Comfort

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If you are called to a vocation to sanctify priests, don’t expect it to be comfortable…because it is combat. So please pray for us as we pray for you!

The basic gravel road with water runoff areas

Our New Road

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Our new road running from Mater Dei (the house on the top of our property) to Cor Jesu Monastery (the building down the hill) is about done. We thought we would share a few photos of the progress and changes. Eventually, when its time to do some work on the areas that are now soil and clay, it will return …

First groundbreaking on the initial phase of the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden at Cor Jesu Monastery

Groundbreaking for Mary, Mother of Priests Garden Initial Phase

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While we have gotten used to bull dozers and other heavy equipment around the grounds, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden was the first time we had color-coordinated shovels on the property. Several wine-red shovels were on hand on our “Sound of Music” hill where we have plans to eventually build the Mary, Mother of Priests …

The Sisters gather around the Rose

Running of the Rose 2018 Was Beautiful!

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As we shared earlier this month, the Silver Rose once again came to our Monastery, delivered by Knights of Columbus Henry Usey and Jimmy Dee. It was immediately placed before the Blessed Sacrament and kept in our Mass Chapel. During the night hours, it was placed before an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe adjacent to the altar while Sisters …

Sketch of Mary, Mother of Priests Garden

Groundbreaking Mary Mother of Priests Garden

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Our Handmaid charism has called us to give our lives in Eucharistic adoration, prayer and sacrifice for the sanctification of priests since our founding in 1947.   Under the guidance of the Servant of God John A. Hardon, S.J. we began prayer associations in the 1970s to offer the opportunity to others throughout the world to spiritually hold a particular priest by name …

Blessed Sacrament Cemetery Sandblasting

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Our Blessed Sacrament Cemetery received some beautiful engraving on the main headstone facing the entrance steps to the cemetery. The large headstone also serves to mark the resting place of our Sisters interred beneath the stem of the chalice. Several Sisters in individual graves also received their headstones, perhaps in Eternity smiling as they enjoy our community joke that our …

Overnight visit of the Silver Rose traveling to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico

Running of the Rose 2018

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Once again we are privileged to host the Silver Rose on its pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. The Rose will be staying overnight this week at Cor Jesu Monastery as some parishes in the Diocese of Knoxville also gather in prayer around the Rose as it makes it journey from Canada, through the United States, and finally …