Gunther Participates Even In Jubilees

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You may have heard that this is the Holy Year of Saint Joseph as well as the Amoris Laetitia Family Year, a double holy year. During this special time in the Church, our religious institute is marking two other anniversaries: The centennial of our Founder’s ordination to the priesthood and our upcoming 75th anniversary of our foundation. As part of …

Bambi Hides At Cor Jesu

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As we have some families of deer that regularly stay on our property (the deer say it’s the other way around; that we are on their property), fawns can be expected to show up. No matter how often we see fawns we can be relied upon to, well, fawn over them as they are Bambi-cute on their spindly legs and in …

Post Corpus Christi Blessings: Aspirant Renae Arrives!

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In addition to Jesus’ Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, the week of the Solemnity of Corpus Christi brought us many other blessings as well, large and small, from resuming the use of holy water fonts in Chapel, to beautiful flower blossoms, and last, but not least, to the joyful arrival of our Aspirant Renae. The Lord never ceases his …

Corpus Christi Blessed Blossoms

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You may remember that there was a lily shortage at Easter and the familiar white blossoms were scarce and hard to find. Well, our summer warmth has brought the garden to blossom again just in time for Corpus Christi. Day lilies, red lilies, white lilies and calla lilies are now competing for attention (and altar space) with some gorgeous gladiolus. …

World Day of Prayer for Priests

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This year on June 11th, the Feast of the Sacred Heart, coordinates the annual global Rosary Relay for Priests. We joyfully add our prayers to theirs for the sake of our dear priests. We invite you to do the same and explore their weekly Thursday virtual rosaries as well. We can never pray too much for priests.

Friends of Bessie Drop By

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Although Bessie declined an invitation, four of her fellow bovines stopped by Cor Jesu just outside the Refectory and Sewing Room the other day. Word must be getting around about our clover. After posing for several photos, the steers decided to hang around until one nun made her best attempt at a “Mooooo”. Lacking a bovine-human dictionary or translating app, …

Photo of Father Gerald after Ordination

100 Years A Priest And A Priest FOREVER

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Celebrating the 100th anniversary of priestly ordination of our Founder This year we celebrate a special anniversary: the 100th anniversary of the priestly ordination of our Founder, Father Gerald M. C. Fitzgerald, s.P. on May 26th, 2021. Imagine this if you will. You are a young man. It’s 1921. You have spent years in seminary training to be formed to …

Catching Up On Easter – Holy Saturday

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REJOICE! HE IS RISEN! The Triduum culminates in the joyous celebration in the Easter Vigil! This year finally we happily pulled out the Easter Fire kettle and made preparations (modified by COVID) to enjoy the Liturgy of Light with blessing of the fire, the Paschal candle,  the singing of the Exultet (long form, too!), the Liturgy of the Word (with …