Chapter of Elections

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We thank everyone for their prayers for our recent Chapter of Elections in early October. As we do for each Chapter, the meeting itself was preceded by a prolonged period of more intense prayer and silence as the community invoked the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Bishop Stika presided over the election of our new Mother Prioress, Mother Sarah Michael …

Ordination of Father Michal Los, FDP

Requiescat In Pace: Sacerdos In Aeternum

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Rest in peace, Father Michał Łos, FDP Professed May 23rd, 2019 Ordained May 24th, 2019 Died June 17th, 2019 24 days a priest here on earth…but a priest forever! We share our reflection below on his inspiring ordination to the priesthood on his deathbed. Now that he has returned, like another Polish priest of note, “to the House of the Father” …

Bearing an Undeserved Burden

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  [Originally published September 2018] When we upgraded our website a few years ago, a photo was purchased for our use of a man with his head bowed and knuckles in his eyes and we added the caption: Our Priests Carry Not Only The Full Weight of Our Burdens But Their Own As Well. Today, in these days of renewed …

Truth, Trust, and Prayer

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[Originally published in August 2018] We don’t post much on what people would call current events or news. 1. We don’t follow it as others in the world do though we know what is necessary to know and 2. It can devolve into divisive viewpoints that deflect attention from the real problem. But we are hearing from people who have …

Real Handmaids Speak

Handmaids of the Precious Blood answer real questions about our life… What drew you to the Handmaids? “The Servant of God Father John A. Hardon, S.J.” “Their charism of giving their lives to Christ to sanctify priests and doing it through Adoration hand in hand with the Mother of God.” What are you most grateful for regarding your Founder, Father …

When this hung outside our front parlor door at the monastery in New Mexico, guests often asked permission if they could ring it. Here you don't have to. This really is our doorbell and is the only way to let us know someone is at the door.

Typical Horarium (Schedule)

Living a Schedule Centered On Christ In the Eucharist Because our “work” is focused on prayer specifically in Eucharistic Adoration, this is what everything else is scheduled around. The Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours (celebrated in common with Exposition) are our center of gravity for each day followed by individual holy hours of adoration. 5:30 am Rising, Breakfast 6:50 …

Steps – How Does One Become A Nun?

Becoming A Cloistered Nun… Rome wasn’t built in a day and nuns are not made overnight. The process takes 9 to 12 years before a lifelong commitment is made to be Christ’s bride in vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience as a Handmaid “For Christ in His Priest”. Inquirer This consists of initial contact and the beginning of asking questions …

Combat Not Comfort

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If you are called to a vocation to sanctify priests, don’t expect it to be comfortable…because it is combat. So please pray for us as we pray for you!

First groundbreaking on the initial phase of the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden at Cor Jesu Monastery

Groundbreaking for Mary, Mother of Priests Garden Initial Phase

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While we have gotten used to bull dozers and other heavy equipment around the grounds, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden was the first time we had color-coordinated shovels on the property. Several wine-red shovels were on hand on our “Sound of Music” hill where we have plans to eventually build the Mary, Mother of Priests …