Farewell Bride of Christ: Funeral Mass and Burial for Sister Mary Magdalen, HPB

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If the Holy Spirit seemed eager to claim his beloved one on the Solemnity of Pentecost, he seemed just as eager to arrange for her beautiful farewell. Bishop Stika came to celebrate her Mass of Christian Burial on Friday June 2nd, 2023.

But before that could happen, we would have to improvise a Chapel in our Chapter/Refectory/Reading Room while also turning the sewing department into a Sacristy and our “mud room” into a more solemn passageway for our dearly departed Sister. Our current Mass Chapel (a renovated 2 car garage) cannot accommodate a casket, let alone seating for the pall bearers, funeral home staff, and other guests. In this regard, as has happened time and time again, the Knights of Columbus came to the rescue! They transported Chapel furniture needed for Mass from the Mater Dei house, moving prie-dieus by the dozen, rapidly transforming the place into a beautiful setting for Mass.