Archive Treasures: Nuns Can Play Games?!

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Running the bases in a 1967 baseball game in the pine trees.

Yes. For those who think its forbidden for nuns to enjoy proper levity and re-creation we want to clarify that the religious life is not without humor, fun, and games. When you give your life to God, he does not intend a life lived in union with him to be one of drudgery but one of deep joy. Joy that spills over from prayer to work and yes, to play. Our proof? An early photo of some picnic shots of what appears to be a lively game of baseball – played among pine trees. If you think that’s fun, try soccer around trees. Or bad-mitten under trees that eat not only the shuttlecocks but the rackets as well. Baseball, soccer, bad-mitten, frisbee, croquet, and corn toss are only a few that have been enjoyed by Handmaids over the years.

During one recreation, the refectory area became a corn toss arena amid puzzles and board games.

The main room in the former lodge that is now Cor Jesu Monastery is large enough to accommodate indoor corn toss (with some care not to terrify the cat). More sedately, of course, are board games, card games, and the requisite puzzles that fascinate nuns, not just the cats. 

Life with God is meant to be joyful and there is plenty of room for fun!