Easter in the Kitchen

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A nest of freshly hatching chickadees….wait a minute!

Our formation group spends a lot of time helping to keep their sisters fed and the kitchen humming along. But that doesn’t mean it’s only work-work-work. As with all duties any of us undertake, it begins and ends with prayer but there is also room for some light-hearted fun. It didn’t seem right, especially during the Easter festivities, to serve something called “Deviled Eggs”. So, the formation group served up  some Easter chicks instead! And they were as delicious as they were precious. Notice the ‘nest’, the beaks, and eyes. We are grateful for their labors as well as their sense of humor!

It looks like “YUM” and tastes and smells even better!

We also enjoyed some special Easter bread with a cross braided onto the loaf. It looked almost too good to eat, but we managed!