How Am I Doing? Holy Week Begins

A HandmaidNews

It’s Holy Week. Now the penances of Lent come into fuller focus even as preparations begin in earnest for the most somber time of the liturgical year. We share a photo of one of our crucifixes that is slightly unusual in that Jesus has not yet given up his Spirit on the Cross. He’s conscious. He’s looking up to the Father even as he hangs in agony. Even in extreme tortuous pain he is seeking to do nothing but the Father’s will. It’s almost as if he is asking with that look, “How am I doing? Is there any more I can give to save them, Father?” 
Many in the world today are living their own special agonies this Holy Week. They may be at or beyond the limit of what they feel they can give. Because he gave everything, even to death, and rose again, he can provide the strength needed for those suffering to continue seeking to do the Father’s inscrutable will and find the hope of Resurrection sustaining them.