Having Fun While Snowed In At Cor Jesu

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While it’s not frequent, we have been snowed in before in New Market. East Tennessee hills do not favor travel when snow and ice abound. Callaway Ridge Road that leads to Cor Jesu Monastery is quite steep in places and it alone can effectively cut us off for some time after a heavy snow. So we hunker down, conserve energy and heat, pray for everyone impacted by the weather and consider it an opportunity for a triduum like retreat time, although it might last more than three days. 

But snow is snow. And getting 9 inches or more is quite something for these parts. So excursions were made. The sledding hill was tested. The formation group bundled up and experimented with a large make shift cardboard toboggan while the red plastic sled helped pack the snow. It was worth the Brrrrrrrrrrr!