The Long Good Friday

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The Long Good Friday We’ve shared in the past the phenomena of Good Friday in the monastery, not simply the traditions and rituals of the Triduum, but the hard to describe ache and longing nuns, especially those dedicated to Eucharistic adoration, feel in the tangible absence of the Blessed Sacrament on that one Holy Day of the year when Mass …

Reflection for Monday of Holy Week

Scott Maentz Lent

If you have to be on the internet during Holy Week, make it an act of prayer, never forgetting Our Lord’s sacrifice on Calvary. The nuns invite you to pray the Rosary of Our Sorrowful Mother with them in spirit.

Holy Week Begins!

Scott Maentz Lent

Holy Week begins. Let us join Our Lord on the way to Golgotha…and Resurrection!

The Solemnity of Saint Joseph

Scott Maentz Lent

Our Founder was fond of acrostics as well as Saint Joseph. As we celebrate Bishop Stika’s episcopal anniversary, and his own love for Saint Joseph, this day, we share one of our Founder’s word puzzles we find appropriate for our own shepherd. “Priestly Virtues: J – Jesus always first O – Obedience total S – Silence E – Evenness, the …

Reflection for Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Scott Maentz Lent

“I am confiding the dear Handmaids of the Precious Blood even as God did His Blessed Mother to the all-powerful protection of St. Joseph. Trust him in all things. How gracious of Mother Mary to share Joseph as well as Jesus with us all.” – Father Gerald

St. Patrick’s Day Reflection

Scott Maentz Lent

“Think of the souls when St. Patrick died, that were not even born, that were to be born years later. Think of them kneeling at Mass and receiving God in the Sacraments because Patrick prayed.” – Fr Gerald

Approaching St. Joseph’s Feast Day

Scott Maentz Lent

“God created the intellect but He took instructions from Joseph on how to make a plane. He didn’t say, “Joseph, I know more about this than you do.” That wouldn’t have been charity; it would not have been proper respect to the one that God, His Father, asked Him to be submissive to.” – Father Gerald

Reflection for Monday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Scott Maentz Lent

“Let nothing take you away from the imitation of your Mother. Our Lady is the Queen of Peace. Why? Because there is only true peace where God’s will is being done. If you want peace in your soul, establish the will of God there.” – Father Gerald

Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Lent

Scott Maentz Lent

“We don’t have to lift ourselves out of ourselves to be contemplatives; we just have to embrace God’s will as a little child…” – Father Gerald

Reflection for Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Scott Maentz Lent

“Complete conformity to God’s will should extend to all the minor details of life, anything that comes, so that we never have cause to complain. If God seems to hurt me, He is still the good Physician, and it is for my good for all eternity.” – Father Gerald

From the archives: Handmaid ringing "Old Faithful" calling the Sisters to prayer

Reflection for Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Scott Maentz Lent

“How many wonderful symbolisms bells enshrine. The music of chimes comes from their being struck by a hammer. So the soul that truly loves God makes its sweetest music beneath the blows of Divine Love….He knows how to awake from our good metal the answering harmony of the soul’s response to trial and tribulation.” – Father Gerald