Religious Symbols: Side Rosary

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Many religious, male and female, wear a side Rosary with their habit. Some can be rather large, others small. While Handmaids have had some minor variations in the wear of our side Rosary, we have always had them as a necessary part of the habit, not just as an accessory but as an essential to our spiritual life. Our Founder …

Yes, the Crown of Thorns is real.

Religious Symbols: Crown of Thorns

A Handmaid HPB Vocations, News, Vocation Snippet

When we take our final vows, part of the ceremony is receiving and wearing a crown of thorns. A real one. We use pyracantha (otherwise called, very appropriately, firethorn) to fashion the crown. Since our veils are white, symbolizing the Eucharist, the Mother Prioress tries not to draw any blood either through the thorns or when pinning the crown to …

Vocations Snapshot

A Snapshot of our Vocation for Priests We are dedicated to the sanctification of priests and live an intense life of prayer centered around the Eucharist. Visit Number in Community: 13 Professed Foundation: May 25th, 1947 (Pentecost Sunday) 
by Father Gerald M.C. Fitzgerald, s.P. Represented in US Diocese: Knoxville, TN with our motherhouse located in New Market, TN. Mission Statement/Description: The Handmaids …