Of Flowers and Fire

A Handmaid Diamond Jubilee, News

We have shared in another recent post our gratitude for the many gifts of floral arrangements we received at the start of our Diamond Jubilee Year. You can read about that and see more photos here. Now we want to share why that is so special to us and how it helps us intensify our prayers regarding the drought and wildfires in many parts of the country, especially New Mexico. 
We keep in our hearts constant unceasing pleas to Our Lord to extinguish the massive fires particularly where dear family, friends and benefactors reside amid fear and uncertainty. It may seem odd that flowers lead our prayers towards fire but when we lived in New Mexico, by and large, our altar flowers had to be artificial. On great solemnities and jubilees we enjoyed gifts of real flowers and plants but often the heat would prematurely turn them all into ‘day flowers’ lasting only a short time. So as our Jubilee began recently and we were hit with the lovely and powerful fragrance of roses for days on entering Chapel, we had a visual and olfactory reminder of the overwhelming Providence of God that packed the sanctuary more than we had asked for and dared us to ask God to answer needs and intentions on another level, a bold level. Thus, we don’t pray for a little less wind, a little more humidity, a little less sunshine in the drought and fire ravaged lands. We beg for rain – enough to put out fire and yet spare the people and fire crews from ash and debris flows, protecting lives and homes. As we treasure these people because God treasures them, we ask him to pour out the heavenly treasure of needed and measured rain. Psalm 37:5 tells us to trust in him and he will act. But he wants us to trust first.
Providence did provide. Providence can provide. Providence will provide.