Effusive, Overflowing Providence: God’s Message in Flowers

A Handmaid Diamond Jubilee, News

In a short course of days surrounding the kick off of our Diamond Jubilee we were hit over the head, though gently, by God fairly well laughing, delightedly shouting, “See?! See?! Didn’t I tell you I would provide? And more than you dream. TRUST IN ME.” He showed us this in flowers. Two generous donors lavished us with wine red and white roses and copious wild flowers to adorn the altar. When suitably arranged to flank the tabernacle and rest under the high altar, we felt blessed abundantly. 
But God wasn’t finished. Another avalanche of flowers arrived at the start of Mass…75 roses for 75 years, 7 sunflowers for 7 Sacraments, and 3 calla lilies for the Trinity amid the large vases. Our small Chapel nearly looked like a greenhouse display and it was lovely. And we could almost hear God laughing in joy, “Now, what’s next? Ask! Trust! Expect that trust to be answered, more than you can imagine! Be ready with grateful joy when the answer comes.”
We thank all our family members, friends, and benefactors for all their well wishes and gifts as this wonderful year begins.