World Day of Prayer for Vocations 2022 Saint Mary, Oak Ridge Holy Hour Today

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Special Holy Hour for Vocations tonight at Saint Mary’s in Oak Ridge Thursday May 12th, 2022 at 6 pm. Oak Ridge was one of the key players in unlocking the power of the atom. But atomic power can’t beat the power of eucharistic adoration. When you adore, you have a front row seat to the greatest power we can experience on earth – God’s Love. 
One can be a mother in many ways! It so happens that on Mother’s Day this year the Church celebrates another maternal aspect of motherhood, that of the spiritual and praying specifically for vocations.
The Diocese of Knoxville is participating at these Parishes from May 6th though May 12th. Meanwhile, in our cloister at the heart of the Church, we will be offering all our holy hours of eucharistic adoration, and divine office for vocations. Please join us in prayer before Our Lord to obtain the graces of discernment for the many souls called to a closer walk with the Lord in his intimate service as priests, deacons, monks, nuns, brothers and sisters in every apostolate and form of consecrated life.