Treasures FOR the Archives!

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We’ve been sharing several posts called “Archive Treasures” where a photo or an object is highlighted from our archives of the last 75 years. Now we again send out our prayers of gratitude to the benefactors who have enabled us to really tackle the huge labor of love in sorting through decades of photo material stored over the years in a variety of containers, organized partially in sundry ways, moved literally thousands of miles 3 or more times. The recent gifts of plastic boxes, photo sleeve inserts, and archive quality binders have our photo organizing Sister very optimistic and energized to dig into the photo labyrinth once again. Because of these material gifts, it also means the ability to share ‘finds’ with the rest of the community can be done easily and quickly. Thank you again. And yes, we plan on continuing to share the treasures. But one treasure we value deeply is the prayers and support of all those who assist us. God bless y’all…or all y’all!