The 29 foot moving van and the blue Subaru arrive from Lake Villa, IL.

Gratitude for Helping and Welcoming Hands

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Our gratitude knows no bounds as we reflect on all the many helpers, volunteers, and prayer warriors who assisted in the final homecoming, welcoming our Sisters back from Lake Villa, IL. The Knights of Columbus and HAT team members went out of their way, both in Illinois and in Tennessee, to ensure our Sisters’ transition was as smooth as possible. …

There's nothing like bubble wrap!

Your Gifts Are Great! Thank You!

A Handmaid News

We’ve been receiving an abundance of generous gifts via the Amazon Wish List program. We are grateful for each and every donation and only wish we could properly express our thanks to the many large hearted givers near and far who have reached out to help us. From a simple thing like a box of cereal to much needed packing …