A Petal Fallen: Renewing A Graveside Custom

A HandmaidHISTORY, HPB Vocations

When the first Handmaid of the Precious Blood to pass away was buried in New Mexico in the Spring of 1962 a tradition began by the hand of Providence. The cemetery had been an apple orchard and the remaining trees were in bloom. The Archbishop of Santa Fe celebrated the Mass. At the graveside, just as the casket was lowered, …

Blessed Sacrament Cemetery: You can barely tell there was an interment so careful and painstaking was the Bridges Funeral Home crew, ensuring every piece of straw was put back in place. A job lovingly well done!

Sister Mel Pierre Comes Home


Timing Is Everything It didn’t surprise us when Sister Mel Pierre took a turn for the worse and entered hospice while staying at the Catholic Charities run Holy Family Villa in Illinois. For three years she offered herself to the Lord as a holocaust for priests in the unique form of suffering that is dementia, while receiving outstanding and loving …

The smile of a simple, JOY filled soul.

Sister Margaret Mary


Sister Margaret Mary of the Sacred Heart R.I.P. On 2 March 2014 Our Lord called home our dear Sister Margaret Mary of the Sacred Heart.

Praying for the deceased.

Funeral and Interment


Funeral for Mother David Marie, H.P.B. and Interment for Handmaids of the Precious Blood at New Home in Tennessee Throughout the summer, we were working to move our entire cemetary in NM to our new house in TN. Ultimately 40 remains needed to be disinterred and transported across the country. While some were able to be shipped by normal means, …