A Typical Monastery Christmas

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COVID-19 can’t kill Christmas 2020 COVID-19 may have radically changed 2020 but it can’t really touch what we celebrate at Christmas, or rather WHO we celebrate at Christmas. Certainly the “how” has been modified for many. So let’s remember Jesus as we share what it’s like as a typical monastery Christmas approaches. We have told you some of these customs …

Wish Lists and General Food/Kitchen supplies UPDATED

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WISH LIST UPDATED AS OF NOV 12, 2021 UPDATE: Please email us if you are considering bringing items in person. We will still need to arrange a drop time outside the enclosure. We have discontinued the use of our Walmart wishlist due to unreliability and difficulty in keeping it accurate. We recommend using our Amazon list or this generic list …

Cartoon Come and Sees during COVID


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Vocations News: Coping with COVID-19 and Come and Sees Yes, 2020 has been quite a year. We managed to get in a couple visits with inquiring women before COVID became a byword and seeming harbinger of all that could go wrong with the year 2020. By lockdown in March it was hoped a few weeks would be sufficient to dispel the …

A Handmaid prays the Divine Office

What Nuns Do During Quarantine

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Much as we shared with you at the beginning of the serious quarantine period about how we would pray for you and in your stead when you couldn’t, our fellow Passionist sisters in Kentucky have penned a blog post explaining that beautifully. We invite you to visit their site, pray for their community, and thank God that so many cloistered …

Benediction under the canopy at several altars on the grounds of Heart of Mary Priory.

From the Archives: Benediction in 2011

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Corpus Christi is only a month and a week away. But with the pandemic, it’s sure to be different this year. May Our Lady intercede to end the pandemic so that all may once again enjoy not just Corpus Christi Processions, but daily Mass and regular reception of all the Sacraments again, especially the Eucharist. Our prayers in adoration do …

May is Mary’s Month

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This year we marked the beginning of Mary’s month in a special way as North America was reconsecrated to Mary under the title of Mary, Mother of the Church. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ravaging the world, we find our need for our Mother, more poignant than ever. We beg her intercession to stop the spread of the virus, protect …

Host of the Day: Archives from Our Lady of Mercy Oratory

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Our Host of the Day image today is an archive photo of one of our Sisters adoring Our Lord in Our Lady of Mercy Oratory in New Mexico. Nestled into the corner of the two wing dormitory was the Oratory used for wintertime nocturnal adoration and daytime visits. The tiny tabernacle was of hand beaten metal and almost reminded some …



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  “It’s Divine Mercy Sunday. Which round object has the most attention in your heart? Coronavirus or our Crowned King hidden in the Host? Yes, the virus may get one sick, it may kill, it might do nothing…in that sense it is then unreliable. But it cannot touch the soul. That is a very reliable fact. Our Crowned King, whose …

Host of the Day: Easter Thursday

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Just one week ago on Holy Thursday, while the world began a Triduum unlike any other in modern times, we solemnly marked the day Our Lord Jesus gave himself to us in the Blessed Sacrament. Today on our altar exposed in the monstrance, surrounded in lilies and bright flowers, he is present in Easter Joy. Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. …

Cat Photo Lost in the Shuffle

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In a couple of posts recently, the photos we were trying to upload fell through, as it were, either not showing in our news blog page or our social media venues. So, to make up for the loss of yet another Gunther shot we send you yet more Gunther shots from his favorite balance beam. He is well, handling COVID-19 …