Sponsoring Printing and Mailing of Our Newsletter

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When we published and mailed our Christmas newsletter we announced the cessation of this hard copy bulk mailing due to the increased costs. A typical color printing and mail out ran about $1310 and we can expect higher rates as inflation continues and the economy worsens. We usually have 2 mailings per year. [Black and white is significantly less at about $280]

If anyone or group would like to sponsor the cost of hard copy production, please contact us and, with funding help, we can continue the Christmas and Corpus Christi mail outs.

We feel, along with everyone, the impacts of rising costs, decreased service, and hard times but we know that Providence will provide. At this time we are planning a plain language news mail out in simpler form for our friends and benefactors who have no way of accessing the color digital version available online or via email. God bless you all for your support and patience. Know you have our prayers of gratitude.