March for Life at 50: Next Steps: Living In A Post-Roe America

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Life will always be a gift from God.

Why, after Roe V. Wade has been overturned, is the March for Life still happening and marking its 50th year in D.C. while many scores of local marches also take place? Maybe an answer is found in the name itself. It is called “March for Life”, not “March for the Overturning of Roe V. Wade.” It isn’t about one law, one right or one prohibition. It’s about life – which, if we think about it, encompasses EVERYTHING ELSE. Though the momentous event in 2022, overturning a ruling like Roe V. Wade and moving the fight for life to the State level, is to celebrated, this isn’t just about that decision. It’s really and fundamentally about converting hearts and enlightening minds to see life as it fully is: a GIFT from God alone. Life, be that of the unborn baby in the womb or of the mother or the father or the elderly or the chronically ill, is something to be revered, respected and protected from conception to natural death.