Gardening Is Good For The Soul

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Sister Christiana and the Formation Group are trying their hands at some raised bed gardening.

Yes, gardening is good for the soul and a raised bed is good for the back. Earlier this year the Formation Group began working two raised beds just outside Saint Joseph Hermitage. We are happy to share that the first (rationed) harvest was enjoyed by the community recently and featured sugar snap peas. They were flavorful and delicious and cooked to perfection. We each were allotted one spoonful the first time through the serving line and no one refused seconds! 

Like a good garden, our souls must be carefully watched over, guarded, and protected. Weeds (our own sinful tendencies) need to be pulled out (Confession), without damaging the crop. Insects (outside assaults on the soul) must be picked off. Sunshine and water (good spiritual nourishment from the Sacraments, spiritual reading, prayer, study, lectio etc) must be supplied. There are many analogies that can apply and they can help make all the work worth it.

A nearly empty serving dish of the freshly picked sugar snap peas harvested from St. Joseph Hermitage raised beds by the Formation Group.