Congratulations Chrissy Tworek!

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Join us as we congratulate our Aspirant Chrissy for completing the Labouré Society program in offsetting her academic debts in order to pursue a religious vocation. If you haven’t heard about Labouré, please visit their website where you can see how their model of fundraising works for each class. You can learn about each aspirant class, as well as each individual pursuing a vocation. The Society does a tremendous job and it is not a hand-out: it’s hard, committed, dedicated work.  Each class, as a team, raises funds together and helps secure funds for the entire group. It’s approached not-so-much from a strictly financial goal to be reached but rather as a system that puts the spiritual first. The Christ-centered outlook of Labouré’s program properly balances the dilemma of God and Mammon that many debt-laden young people are faced with today. The Society puts God first, and in doing so, is best in a position to then educate and guide a discerner through money management, time management, and the basics of Catholic fundraising. Chrissy has done a fantastic job and we are so proud of her perseverance and prayer in approaching a task that doesn’t come naturally to anyone. Many future priests, monks, brothers, nuns,  and sisters find their school debts holding them back from a whole-hearted pursuit of their vocational discernment.  The Labouré Society helps come to their rescue.
This good news means that Aspirant Chrissy will be able to join us in residence this year. We rejoice with her and thank all the staff at the Labouré Society for their spiritual and financial education for all their students.