Caring for the Archives

A Handmaid Diamond Jubilee, News

Family, friends, and benefactors who have been in contact with our community over the decades know that we have moved our Motherhouse twice in the last ten years. First, in 2013 when we moved from Jemez Springs, New Mexico to Benton, Tennessee and then again in 2015 from Benton to New Market Tennessee. With 75 years of archives moving with us in various increments to a wetter climate, proper storage became has become more pressing.

For the last six years, our well-packed-for-moving archive items and boxes remained in two rooms with some air conditioning and some dehumidification. But, upon opening various boxes, and unwrapping large items for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, we realized the need for an ‘upgrade’ on storage methods. While it may be quaint to imagine repacking displayed items in a Campbell’s Soup box, or hoping that not-so-rectangular-cardboard banker’s boxes will hold together a little longer, the reality is that we need boxes and large containers that are moisture proof and mouse proof. Some boxes need to be able to hold hanging files, others large folios, and others binders and albums on un-standard sizes. We also have habits, vestments, albs, even our Founder’s WWII uniform jacket, to place into more protective garment bags that hang rather than just folded up in a box.

A Wish List sample of the photo storage sleeves needed to organize archive original photos after scanning and digitization.

As such we will be adding various items to our Amazon wish list to assist us as we inventory and return displayed items to long term storage. The link below will go our Wishlist. We try to find the most affordable but well-rated item that meets the storage needs we have. We are grateful to any assistance you can give, provided generous souls never give so as to impoverish themselves. God bless you. 

Handmaids of the Precious Blood Amazon Wish List