Aspirant Chrissy Finally Comes to Stay: Perseverance 101

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In the world of vocational discernment you may often hear the advice, “Pray for the grace of perseverance.” Usually it’s applied to one’s entire life journey all the way to ‘final perseverance’ when we breathe our last, but the early stages of religious life particularly need this grace as well. Chrissy had a sort of introductory course, Perseverance 101, as she worked with the Labouré Society to reduce her, and her fellow Labouré Aspirants’ academic debts. An enormous amount of prayer, hope, and hard work has allowed her to complete their program and now, finally, come and stay as a full time Aspirant. Please join us as we continue to pray for her as she begins her formation “on-site” at Cor Jesu Monastery at long last. And don’t forget to pray for our Novices too!

Chrissy during a Come and See visit