Archive Treasures: Music To Our Ears

A Handmaid Diamond Jubilee

Saint Augustine is credited with stating, “He who sings prays twice.” And there are variations of this gem and debates about its original source. Some will give the version of “He who sings well prays twice.” While we aren’t sure about that, it’s a pretty good bet that no one can imagine the music of Heaven. Yet we have music and singing here on earth for a reason. God gave music as a talent that not all possess in singing, playing, or composing but that all, including those without the capacity for composing or playing, could enjoy. It’s a little taste perhaps of Heaven. When we hear beautiful voices or music, it is a joy and pleasure. Perhaps when we give ourselves to pray to our Lord with whatever capacity he has given, he rejoices in the gift we attempt to return to him, however imperfectly.

So any attempt with the right intention and purity of heart can be music to his ears as well as ours.